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This is a list of all known recipes.


List of all Weapon recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Overseer Shield 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a113
Order Shield 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a31
Crusader Shield 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a49
Royal Shield 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a54
Council Shield 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a82
Wicker Basket 80link={{{link}}} T?? /craft_efb
Poniard 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w100
Lightbane Katana 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w101
Doom Warglaive 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w102
Decimation Harpoon 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w103
Sinister Ranseur 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w104
Heartstriker Bow 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w105
Windstalker Bow 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w106
Malificent Maul 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w107
Brutalizer Flail 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w108
Champion Sword 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w28
Trident 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w29
Hunter Bow 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w30
War Hammer 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w31
Hunter Dagger 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w32
Thundersoul Sword 300link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w33
Doomblade Sword 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w34
Eclipse 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w35
Guard's Spear 300link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w36
King's Defender 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w37
Raging Lance 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w38
Composite Bow 300link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w39
Lightning Bow 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w40
Hailstorm Bow 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w41
Imperial Axe 300link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w42
Skull Crusher 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w43
Dragon Mace 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w44
Ghost Dagger 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w45
Lion Knife 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w46
Griffin Knife 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w91
Minotaur Sword 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w92
Phoenix Sword 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w93
Heavy Fauchard 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w94
Guisarme 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w95
Meteor Bow 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w96
Nightfall Bow 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w97
Black Morningstar 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w98
Maiming Bulawa 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_w99

Protective Gear

... further results
List of all Protective Gear recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Manticore Armor 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a103
Overseer Armor 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a104
Discarnate Robe 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a105
Manticore Helmet 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a106
Overseer Helmet 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a107
Discarnate Circlet 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a108
Manticore Gloves 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a109
Overseer Gauntlets 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a110
Discarnate Bracers 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a111
Manticore Boots 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a114
Overseer Boots 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a115
Discarnate Shoes 800link={{{link}}} T5 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a116
Order Armor 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a27
Order Helmet 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a28
Order Boots 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a29
Order Gauntlets 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a30
Hunter Armor 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a32
Hunter Helmet 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a33
Hunter Boots 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a34
Hunter Gloves 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a35
Clarity Robe 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a36
Clarity Circlet 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a37
Clarity Shoes 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a38
Clarity Bracers 150link={{{link}}} T2 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a39
Crusader Armor 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a45
Crusader Helmet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a46
Crusader Boots 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a47
Crusader Gauntlets 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a48
Royal Armor 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a50
Royal Helmet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a51
Royal Boots 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a52
Royal Gauntlets 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a53
Ghost Armor 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a55
Ghost Helmet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a56
Ghost Boots 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a57
Ghost Gloves 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a58
Lion Armor 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a59
Lion Helmet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a60
Lion Boots 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a61
Lion Gloves 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a62
Demon Robe 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a63
Demon Circlet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a64
Demon Shoes 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a65
Demon Bracers 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a66
Divine Robe 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a67
Divine Circlet 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a68
Divine Shoes 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a69
Divine Bracers 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a70
Council Armor 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a78
Council Helmet 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a79


List of all Cape recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Assault Cape 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a100
Craftsman Apron 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a101
Stoneskin Cloak 800link={{{link}}} T4 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a102
Storm Cloak 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a71
Durable Cloak 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a72
Blessed Cloak 500link={{{link}}} T3 (link={{{link}}}) /craft_a73


List of all Resource recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Cord 15link={{{link}}} C2a /craft_12
Wooden Shaft 10link={{{link}}} C0a /craft_14
Steel 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_19
Leather 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_20
Bone Powder 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_21
String 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_22
Coke 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_23
Purified Powder 10link={{{link}}} C0a /craft_24
Silver Alloy 15link={{{link}}} C2a /craft_25
Steel Mold 15link={{{link}}} C2a /craft_27
Silver Mold 15link={{{link}}} C2a /c_28
Blacksmith Frame 50link={{{link}}} C4a /craft_29
Artisan Frame 50link={{{link}}} C4a /craft_30
Rope 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_31
Silver Frame 30link={{{link}}} C3a /craft_32
Metal Plate 10link={{{link}}} C0 /craft_33
Metallic Fiber 30link={{{link}}} C3 /craft_34
Crafted Leather 30link={{{link}}} C3 /craft_35
Quality Cloth 300link={{{link}}} C5a /c_36
Blacksmith Mold 300link={{{link}}} C5a /craft_37
Artisan Mold 300link={{{link}}} C5a /craft_38
Wrapping 10link={{{link}}} C0a /craft_501
Plasma of Abyss 10link={{{link}}} HC1 /brew_59
Ultramarine Dust 10link={{{link}}} HC1 /brew_60
Ethereal Bone 10link={{{link}}} HC1 /brew_61
Itacory 15link={{{link}}} HC2 /brew_62
Assassin Vine 15link={{{link}}} HC2 /brew_63
Kloliarway 15link={{{link}}} HC2 /brew_64
Silver Dust 30link={{{link}}} HC3 /brew_69


List of all Consumables recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Leash 15link={{{link}}} /craft_502
Vial of Rage 10link={{{link}}} A1 /brew_p01
Potion of Rage 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p02
Bottle of Rage 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p03
Vial of Peace 10link={{{link}}} A1 /brew_p04
Potion of Peace 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p05
Bottle of Peace 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p06
Vial of Greed 10link={{{link}}} A1 /brew_p07
Potion of Greed 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p08
Bottle of Greed 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p09
Vial of Nature 10link={{{link}}} A1 /brew_p10
Potion of Nature 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p11
Bottle of Nature 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p12
Vial of Mana 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p13
Potion of Mana 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p14
Bottle of Mana 50link={{{link}}} A4 /brew_p15
Vial of Twilight 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p16
Potion of Twilight 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p17
Bottle of Twilight 50link={{{link}}} A4 /brew_p18
Vial of Morph 15link={{{link}}} A2 /brew_p19
Potion of Morph 30link={{{link}}} A3 /brew_p20
Bottle of Morph 50link={{{link}}} A4 /brew_p21
Torch 80link={{{link}}} /craft_tch


List of all Miscellaneous item recipes
Name Ingredients Mana Tier Command
Pouch of Gold 10link={{{link}}} /craft_100
Wooden Arrows Pack 80link={{{link}}} /craft_505
Remedy Pack 10link={{{link}}} /brew_507
Poison Pack 10link={{{link}}} /brew_509
Steel Arrows Pack 120link={{{link}}} /craft_511
Silver Arrows Pack 150link={{{link}}} /craft_513
Broad Arrows Pack 300link={{{link}}} /craft_515
Heavy Arrows Pack 300link={{{link}}} /craft_517
Compound Arrows Pack 300link={{{link}}} /craft_519
Piercing Arrows Pack 500link={{{link}}} /craft_521
Bodkin Arrows Pack 500link={{{link}}} /craft_523
Mechblade Arrows Pack 500link={{{link}}} /craft_525
Resurrection Mix 10link={{{link}}} /craft_636
Cake link={{{link}}} /craft_e6
Rare Scroll of Rage (Red) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Peace (Red) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Rage (Green) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Peace (Green) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Rage (Blue) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Peace (Blue) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Rage (Orange) 0link={{{link}}} ??
Rare Scroll of Peace (Orange) 0link={{{link}}} ??

Legacy Recipe List

This is a manually created list which is no longer supported, it still is on the page until the automatically generated tables are finished

Crafting Materials

Item Ingredients Mana/Gold costs Resource Rank Code
String 3x Stick 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0 /craft_22
Steel 2x Iron Ore + 2x Powder 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0 /craft_19
Leather 4x Pelt 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0 /craft_20
Coke 3x Charcoal + 3x Coal 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0 /craft_23
Bone Powder 4x Bone 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0 /craft_21
Metal Plate 3x Iron Ore + 3x Stick + 3x Powder C0a /craft_33
Rope 1x String + 4x Thread C0a /craft_31
Wooden Shaft 1x Powder + 5x Stick C0a /craft_14
Purified Powder 2x Bone Powder + 2 Powder + 1x Magic Stone C0a /craft_24
Pouch of Gold 2x Leather + 12 Thread + 120 Gold.png Gold C0a /craft_100
Wrapping 3x Cloth + 3x String 10 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0a /craft_501
Torch 1x Coke + 5 Stick 80 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0a /craft_tch
Wooden Arrow 6x Stick + 1x Iron Ore 80 Mana.png / 1 Gold.png C0a /craft_505
Steel Mold 2x String + 2x Iron Ore + 2x Powder 15 Mana.png C2 /craft_27
Silver Alloy 1x Purified Powder + 1x Steel + 1x Silver Ore 15 Mana.png C2 /craft_25
Silver Mold 2x String + 2x Silver Ore + 2x Coke 15 Mana.png C2 /craft_28
Steel Arrow 4x Stick + 1x Steel 120 Mana.png C2 /craft_511
Leash 20x Powder + 20x Silver Ore + 10x String 15 Mana.png C2 /craft_502

Tier 2 Book-green.png equipment

Item Ingredients Mana Mana.png Crafting (Skill) level code
Champion Sword 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Dagger 150 Mana.png C3
War Hammer 150 Mana.png C3
Trident 150 Mana.png C3
Order Shield 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Bow 150 Mana.png C3
Protective Gear
Item Ingredients Mana Mana.png Crafting (Skill) level code
Order Helmet 150 Mana.png C3
Order Armor 150 Mana.png C3
Order Gauntlets 150 Mana.png C3
Order Boots 150 Mana.png C3
Clarity Circlet 150 Mana.png C3
Clarity Robe 150 Mana.png C3
Clarity Bracers 150 Mana.png C3
Clarity Shoes 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Helmet 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Armor 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Gloves 150 Mana.png C3
Hunter Boots 150 Mana.png C3

Alchemy ingredients

Item Ingredients Mana Mana.png Alchemy Rank Code
Plasma of Abyss 1x Cliff Rue + 1x Sun Tarragon + 1x Cave Garlic 10 Mana.png A1 /brew_59
Ultramarine Dust 1x Tecceagrass + 1x Stinky Sumac + 1x Storm Hyssop 10 Mana.png A1 /brew_60
Ethereal Bone 1x Yellow Seed + 1x Ephijora + 1x Ilaves + 1x Maccunut 10 Mana.png A1 /brew_61
Itacory 1x Swamp Lavender + 1x Ash Rosemary 15 Mana.png A2 /brew_62
Assassin Vine 1x White Blossom + 1x Sanguine Parsley 15 Mana.png A2 /brew_63
Kloliarway 1x Mercy Sassafras + 1x Queen's Pepper 15 Mana.png A2 /brew_64
Silver Dust 2x Powder + 5x Silver Ore + 1x Tecceagrass 30 Mana.png A3 /brew_69

Potions and Combat Potions

Item Ingredients Alchemy Rank Code
Vial of Rage 1x Sun Tarragon + 1 Storm Hyssop A1 /brew_p01
Potion of Rage 1x Assassin Vine + 1x Plasma of Abyss + 2x Storm Hyssop A2 /brew_p02
Bottle of Rage 1x Plasma of Abyss + 1x Wolf Root + 1x Spring Bay Leaf + 2x Assassin Vine A3 /brew_p03
Vial of Peace 1x Stinky Sumac + 1x Cave Garlic A1 /brew_p04
Potion of Peace 1x Ultramarine Dust + 2x Cave Garlic + 1x Itacory A2 /brew_p05
Bottle of Peace 2x Itacory + 1x Spring Bay Leaf + 1x Dragon Seed + 1x Ultramarine Dust A3 /brew_p06
Vial of Greed 1x Yellow Seed + 1x Ilaves A1 /brew_p07
Potion of Greed 1x Ethereal Bone + 1x Kloliarway A2 /brew_p08
Bottle of Greed 1x Love Creeper + 1x Spring Bay Leaf + 1x Ethereal Bone + 2x Kloliarway A3 /brew_p09
Vial of Nature 4x Powder + 1x Cliff Rue + 1x Ephijora A1 /brew_p10
Potion of Nature 7x Powder + 1x Plasma of Abyss + 3x Ephijora + 3x Bone Powder A2 /brew_p11
Bottle of Nature 1x Kloliarway + 1x Purified Powder + 3x Plasma of Abyss A3 /brew_p12
Vial of Mana 2x Tecceagrass + 1x Ethereal Bone + 1x Cliff Rue + 3x Powder A2 /brew_p13
Remedy Pack 1x Cliff Rue + 1x Tecceagrass A1 /brew_507
Poison Pack 1x Maccunut + 1x Ephijora A1 /brew_509