Scroll of Peace (Green)

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The Scroll of Peace (Green) is a Misc of the type Scroll. Scrolls are used to enchant equipment to increase its stats. To see the exact effect of a scroll on equipment, see the respective equipment pages. Scrolls come in tiers corresponding to the Expertise levels and each level of scroll can only be used on the same expertise level of equipment. Main hand weapons, as well as daggers use Scrolls of Rage, while shields and other Protective Gear use Scrolls of Peace.

The main way to get scrolls is by doing forays. The level of the dropped scroll depends on the player level - the highest possible dropped scroll corresponds to the maximum Expertise this player can equip. Scrolls are often a large part of Event loot as well, and this usually also depends on player level. Rare Scrolls can only be found in special event rewards or be crafted with the Scroll Enhancer.


Properties of Scroll of Peace (Green)
Identifier code s04
Type Misc, Scroll,
Weight 1
Depositable in Guild yes
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Exchange) no
Tradeable (Auction) yes
Can be found in quests no

The Book-green.png Scroll of Peace (Green) is a scroll that is used to enchant Tier 2 Book-green.png equipment of the type protective gear as well as all Tier 2 Book-green.png shields.


This scroll is used to enchant items of the Tier 2 Book-green.png quality. Enchanting an item with Book-green.png Scroll of Peace (Green) gives the item +1 Defend.png and the Enchantment.png level increases +1. Enchanting for more than +3 Enchantment.png with this scroll has the chance to break the item and all enchantments which are lost irrevocably.


Scroll of Peace (Green) Book-green.png can be rewarded for doing the quest Foray succesfully without being detected.