Bottle of Greed

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link={{{link}}} Info: Bottle of Greed
Corresponding Skill Alchemy (Skill)
Skill level required 3
Mana 30 Mana.png
Chatcommand /brew_p09
Ingredient (ID) Amount
Kloliarway (64) 2
Spring Bay Leaf (52) 1
Ethereal Bone (61) 1
Love Creeper (42) 1

Bottle of Greed is a Consumable of the type Potion.


Properties of Bottle of Greed
Identifier code p09
Type Consumable, Potion, A3
Depositable in Guild yes
Event item no
Craftable yes
Tradeable (Exchange) yes, (Command: /t_p09)
Tradeable (Auction) no
Effect ??
Base Duration 30min

Bill of Materials[edit]

Basic resources sum:
2x Mercy Sassafras
2x Queen's Pepper
1x Ephijora
1x Ilaves
1x Maccunut
1x Yellow Seed
1x Love Creeper
1x Spring Bay Leaf
Mana Cost: 70link={{{link}}} (Ingredients: 40link={{{link}}} / Item: 30link={{{link}}})

Total stock weight of basic resources: 10link={{{link}}}, stock weight of finished item: ??link={{{link}}}