Rare Scroll of Rage (Red)

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The Book-red.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Red) is a scroll that is used to enchant Tier 1 Book-red.png equipment of the type weapon.


This scroll is used to enchant items of the Tier 1 Book-red.png quality. Enchanting an item with Book-red.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Red) gives the item +1 Attack.png and the Enchantment.png level increases +1. Enchanting for more than +3 Enchantment.png with this scroll - contrary to Book-red.png Scroll of Rage (Red) - has the chance to break only all enchantments previously applied to an item, not the item itself.


Masters or all spezialization classes (Collector, Alchemist, Blacksmith) have the chance to drop the Book-red.png Rare Scroll of Rage (Red) when doing the quest Forest.png forest.

This scroll could be received historically when opening cakes during the event Valentines Day 2018.