Bottle of Rage

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link={{{link}}} Info: Bottle of Rage
Corresponding Skill Alchemy (Skill)
Skill level required 3
Mana 30 Mana.png
Chatcommand /brew_p03
Ingredient (ID) Amount
Assassin Vine (63) 2
Wolf Root (43) 1
Plasma of Abyss (59) 1
Spring Bay Leaf (52) 1

Bottle of Rage is a Consumable of the type Potion. It is used for brewing.


Properties of Bottle of Rage
Identifier code p03
Type Consumable, Potion, A3
Depositable in Guild yes
Event item no
Craftable yes
Tradeable (Exchange) yes, (Command: /t_p03)
Tradeable (Auction) no
Effect Increase base attack by 15% (floored to next lowest integer)
Base Duration 30min