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link={{{link}}} Info: Torch
Corresponding Skill Crafting (Skill)
Skill level required 0
Mana 80 Mana.png
Chatcommand /c_tch
Ingredient (ID) Amount
Stick (02) 5
Coke (23) 1

The Torch is a Consumable of the type . Equipping a torch in the Off Hand Weapon slot reduces the time of the quests in Forest.pngForest, Swamp.pngSwamp and Valley.pngValley by 1 minute, but only at night time (see /time). Torches can randomly break during quests.


Properties of Torch
Identifier code tch
Type Consumable,
Weight 50
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) no (1)
Event item no


The Torch can be crafted with the skill Crafting (Skill) on level 0.

This is possible for every player above level 10.

Bill of Materials

Basic resources sum:
5x Stick
3x Charcoal
3x Coal
Mana Cost: 90link={{{link}}} (Ingredients: 10link={{{link}}} / Item: 80link={{{link}}})

Total stock weight of basic resources: 11link={{{link}}}, stock weight of finished item: 50link={{{link}}}

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