Pouch of Gold

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link={{{link}}} Info: Pouch of Gold
Corresponding Skill Crafting (Skill)
Skill level required 0
Mana 10 Mana.png
Chatcommand /c_100
Ingredient (ID) Amount
Gold () 120
Thread (01) 12
Leather (20) 2

The Pouch of Gold is an item of the type Misc. It is made from Gold, Thread and Leather. While being crafted out of 120 Gold.png, opening a Pouch of Gold returns 100 Gold.png. With this feature, Pouches of Gold are a currency in the game. All auctions are done with the currency Pouch of Gold.


Properties of Pouch of Gold
Identifier code 100
Type Misc,
Weight 0
Depositable in Guild no
Event item no
Craftable yes
Tradeable (Exchange) no
Tradeable (Auction) no
Can be found in quests no


The Pouch of Gold can be crafted with the skill Crafting (Skill) on level 0.

This is possible for every player above level 10.

Bill of Materials

Basic resources sum:
12x Thread
8x Pelt
Mana Cost: 30link={{{link}}} (Ingredients: 20link={{{link}}} / Item: 10link={{{link}}})

Total stock weight of basic resources: 20link={{{link}}}, stock weight of finished item: 0link={{{link}}}