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Quests are one of the most basic actions a player can perform in order to gain experience Experience.png. The player can choose between different types of quests, depending on their level. Quests use up stamina Stamina.png, and rewards differ between quests.

Equipping a torch can reduce quest duration during nighttime by up to a minute.


Quest Timer.png Duration Times-morning.png Times-day.png Times-evening.png Timer.png Duration Times-night.png Possible rewards
Forest.png Forest
(level 1 or above)
3 mins 5 mins
(4 with torch)
Foray.png Foray
(level 3 or above)
2+3 mins 4+3 mins
Swamp.png Swamp
(level 20 or above)
4 mins 6 mins
(5 with torch)
Valley.png Valley
(level 20 or above)
4 mins 6 mins
(5 with torch)