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Experience is one of the basic attributes of a character it can be gained by:

Experience Table

Refer to Level#Level Requirements

Bonus Experience

Every class has at least one skill that gives them more experience. These skills all have a daily limit, after which no more bonus experience can be gained with them. This daily limit resets alongside with arena at 8:15am GMT+0 and is always shared between all experience increasing skills.

If for example a ranger has Enlightened Warrior, as well as Perceptive Seeker skilled they can gain bonus experience through battles and questing. If they reached the daily limit in forest though, battles won't give any bonus unless either the limit is increased (by leveling one of the skills) or reset (at 8:15am GMT+0). If the skills have a flat bonus, this will still apply even if the daily limit is already reached.

Experience cap

There is a maximum of Experience that can be obtained through one quest, it raises with the number of Rebirths.

Rebirth maximum Experience Level to reach cap
0 1000 60
1 ??? 65
2 ??? 70
3 ??? 75?