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Arena isn't a place for the weak. Here you fight against other players and if you stand victorious, you acquire precious experience.

The arena Arena.png is a place to measure a players fighting abilities in competetive combat with other players and is only available to players level 5 and above. The arena is open in the times of day Times-morning.png morning, Times-day.png day and Times-evening.png evening. In contrary to other activities, entering the arena does not cost Stamina.png stamina, but is limited to 5 fights per day (real world 24hours). The arena resets every day at UTC 0815.

Arena course of action

The arena can be accessed by clicking on the Quest button and then Arena.png Arena. An overview about the current state of the players ranking and the daily fight limits is presented:

Arena.png Welcome to Arena!
Dirty air is soaked with the thick smell of blood. No one ends up here by an accident: you can't leave once you begin your battle. I hope, your sword is sharp and your shield is steady.
Your rank: 1337 Your fights: 3/5
Combat Ranking: /top5 Fastest-growing: /top6
Entrance fee: 5 Gold.png

The player then has to choose one of the two options to fight:

  1. MagGlass.png Fight!
  2. Play.png Fast fight
  3. Challenge.png Challenge

When choosing Fight! or Fast fight, the 5 Gold.png entrance fee is paid directly. The game bot tries to find an opponent in a reasonable time. If no opponent can be found, the fee will be returned to the player. But as soon, as an opponent is found, the fight begins.

Both fighters start with the max Heart.png life points of the lower level opponent. The fight is run in rounds. Each round, one of three areas is attacked, one is defended. These three are: head, chest and legs. If one of the rivals hits a defended area, the attack is blocked and 0 damage is dealt, while hitting an undefended area deals damage. The hits take place at the same time, there is no order in which the hits are dealt. If one or both players get to 0 or less Heart.png life points, the fight is over. Since both rivals hit simultaneous, it is possible that both players have below 0 Heart.png at the same round. The winner is the player, that has more health at that point.

When choosing Challenge, the 5 Gold.png entrance fee is paid and not refundable. The game bot will issue a message to the player, which has to be forwarded to the opponent that the player wants to challenge. If opponent does not accept or nobody is willing to fight the player, the player can choose to proceed to do quests or other actions. Doing so will cancel the challenge and void the command given in the message sent by the game bot.

MagGlass.png Fight! - the manual way

The first option to fight, marked with MagGlass.png Fight! allows each player to manually pick which area of their body they will defend, and which area of their opponents body they will attack. The player has 30 seconds to make their choices each round, or the bot will choose random options on their behalf. If the player misses three rounds, they forfeit the fight. Rounds will continue in this fashion until a player falls below 100 HP.

Play.png Fast fight - the automatic way

The second option results in a completely automatic fight - The player will have no choice in which area of the body they will defend or attack against, making for a faster fight.

Challenge.png Challenge mode - the duel

The Challenge option is similar to the manual fight option in arena. The differences are:

  • Only the challenger has to pay the 5 Gold.png entrance fee. Opponent do not need to pay any fee.
  • No refund of the entrance fee.
  • No experience or rating for winning or losing.
  • The challenger has to manually find an interested opponent and forward the challenge message.

Upon choosing this option, the game bot issues a message to the player. The player will then forward it to the desired opponent. Here is an example of the challenge message:

Your opponent has to forward this message to the game bot:

Butterfly.png[THE]Flash 24lvl challenges you to a duel!


When the opponent has forwarded the message, the challenge will start.

Special Benefit

The Challenge option has some benefits for challengers and opponents who are in level 5+ guild and of different castles. When both players in the Challenge are of different castles; and in level 5+ guild; and are 8 or less character levels apart, they will get the following benefits or disadvantages.

  • Winner gets 10 glory points for the guild. Loser loses 10 glory points.
  • Loser loses experience.
-For cases where the player's experience decreased till under the level's minimum experience, the player will not level down. However, the level up will be delayed.


This section applies to Fight, and Fast Fight option in the arena only!

Winning fights in the arena gives a considerable amount of Experience.png experience. Currently, there is no gold or item reward tied to the arena. Losing a fight gives 1 Experience.png. Certain skills of some classes may yield in higher experience gain in the arena, both for won and lost fights.

Damage & Equipment

Your overall equipment does not affect damage given or taken within the arena, damage is calculated based on the level difference between the participants. However, you can receive occasional bonus damage if you equip certain offhand items.

  • Any Shield (Occasional +7 bonus)
  • Any dagger (Occasional range from +3 to +9 bonus)