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Each player can chose different skills depending on the choice of the class and the level. Since the class can be chosen only by reaching level 10, skills are also available upon level 10. The available skills differ for each class. Skills are skilled with skillpoints that are given at each level-up. Each skill has its own level and might be capped at a certain level, depending on class and level of a player.

Skill Calculation

All skill effect bonus values (e.g. Weapon Mastery) are always floored to the next lower full integer value. This means that skills will not give any bonus at lower levels or with cheap equipment. Some skills always increase by at least 1 bonus point, in which case this rule does only apply for calculated bonus values above 1. After some changes to the skill system, skills do stack by now. If a player for example has Armor Mastery and Light Armor Mastery skilled and wears a Hunter Helmet, both skills give a bonus of defensive stats.

Note: Skills apply on a part by part basis, in the case of Armor Mastery, each affected item gets a boost based on its values. Those boosts will be summed up for each item and then reflect the total bonus. Different parts also have different boost values

List of Skills

Master Classes

Skill availabilty by class
Skill/Class Collector Blacksmith Alchemist Master
Armor Mastery yes yes yes yes
Weapon Mastery yes yes yes yes
Crafting yes yes yes yes
Smart Explorer yes yes yes yes
Collection yes yes yes yes
Labeling yes yes yes yes
Educated Technician yes yes yes yes
Hamster yes yes yes no
Gifted Pathfinder yes no no no
Tight Grip yes no no no
Light Armor Mastery yes no no no
Broker yes yes no no
Perception yes no no no
Blunt Mastery yes yes no no
Blacksmith Wonders no yes yes no
Robe Armor Mastery no yes yes no
Harvest no no yes no
Wise Alchemist no no yes no
Alchemy (Skill) no no yes no
Combat Potion Mastery no no yes no
Long Life no no yes no
Natural Talent no yes no no
Work To Standards no yes no no

Esquire Classes

Skill availabilty by class
Skill/Class Knight Ranger Sentinel Esquire
Weapon Mastery yes yes yes yes
Armor Mastery yes yes yes yes
Prudent Duelist yes yes yes yes
Enlightened Warrior yes yes yes yes
Curiosity yes yes yes yes
Rare Mutation yes yes yes no
Tight Grip yes yes no no
Light Armor Mastery yes yes no no
Perceptive Seeker no yes no no
Look! A Coin! no yes no no
Bow Mastery no yes no no
Power Napping no yes no no
Aiming no yes no no
Accuracy no yes no no
Hawkeye no yes no no
Tactics no no yes no
Protector no no yes no
Scavenger no no yes no
Shield Mastery no no yes no
Enduring Shieldbearer no no yes no
Spear Mastery no no yes no
Heavy Armor Mastery no no yes no
All That Glitters no no yes no
Raider yes no no no
Dagger Mastery yes no no no
Agile Soldier yes no no no
Sword Mastery yes no no no
Critical Hit yes no no no
Barn Robber yes no no no
Battle Cry yes no no no
Muscles, not Brains yes no no no