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The skill Tactics is a skill for sentinel and is available upon level 20. It decreases the attack stat of attackers of a specific castle.


In-game description: True protector studies how his enemies attack. That allows him to develop unique tactics that are most efficient against specific foes.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill decreases effectiveness of attack from selected castle.

Tactics decrease the attack of one random attacker from the targeted castle. The amount of attack decrease depends on the defense stat and the level of the tactics skill. Each level of the skill decreases the enemy's attack by 3% of the defense value of the sentinel

Skill caps


No exact numbers on the skills effect are known. To give a feeling of the effect: a full castle of sentinels (around 100 players, half of which probably defended with tactics) can decrease the attack of one castle by around 5-10 points.