Alchemy (Skill)

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The skill Alchemy is a skill for alchemists and is available upon level 20. It grants the ability to brew potions.


In-game description: Devotion to mysterious arts of potion making taught you how to create useful elixirs from trivial ingredients.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill allows you to brew more advanced potions.

Alchemist can brew different ingredients, Vials, Potions and Bottles.

See brewing recipes for details.

Skill caps

Alchemy skill cap Player level
1 20
2 24
3 34
4 42
5 48
6 60*
7 70


  • If you attempt to brew something when your alchemy level is too low, you will get the error message '[Skill level too low]'.
  • You can always use another alchemist's shop to brew things even if your alchemy level is too low to brew it yourself.