Alchemy (Skill)

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The skill Alchemy is a skill for alchemists and is available upon level 20. It grants the ability to brew potions.


In-game description: Devotion to mysterious arts of potion making taught you how to create useful elixirs from trivial ingredients.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill allows you to brew more advanced potions.

Alchemist can brew different ingredients, Vials, Potions and Bottles.

See Alchemy#Brewing Recipes for details.

Skill caps

Alchemy skill cap Player level
1 20
2 24
3 34
4 42
5 48


  • If you attempt to brew something when your alchemy level is too low, you will get the error message '[Skill level too low]'.
  • You can always use another alchemist's shop to brew things even if your alchemy level is too low to brew it yourself.