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Alchemy is similiar to Crafting a process and service reserved to alchemists. This has to be distinguished from the skill Alchemy (Skill). Alchemy includes the brewing of potions or processing basic ingredients to more advanced ingredients for the later use when brewing potions. Alchemists can offer their brewing skills to other players by opening an alchemy shop or sell the potions using the exchange market.

Advanced Alchemy

With Alchemy 5 Advanced Alchemy is unlocked, there are three different alchemy schools:

  • Apothecary School - For Brewing Advanced regeneration potions.
  • Dreamweaving School - For brewing potions and enhancers for skills and stats of different classes.
  • Blandleafurry - For disenchanting/changing items permanently, or applying temporary effects to them.


Brewing Recipes

Table showing the brewing level needed and code for all Brewing Recipes.

Actual recipes are listed at Recipe(Alchemy Ingredients), Recipe(Potions), and the respective item's page.

Plasma of Abyss59Resource1
Ultramarine Dust60Resource1
Ethereal Bone61Resource1
Assassin Vine63Resource2
Silver Dust69Resource3
Sapphire Dust74Resource6
Ruby Dust75Resource6
Teclia Shot76Resource6
Pygmy Spice77Resource6
Vial of Ragep01Consumable1
Potion of Ragep02Consumable2
Bottle of Ragep03Consumable3
Vial of Peacep04Consumable1
Potion of Peacep05Consumable2
Bottle of Peacep06Consumable3
Vial of Greedp07Consumable1
Potion of Greedp08Consumable2
Bottle of Greedp09Consumable3
Vial of Naturep10Consumable1
Potion of Naturep11Consumable2
Bottle of Naturep12Consumable3
Vial of Manap13Consumable2
Potion of Manap14Consumable3
Bottle of Manap15Consumable4
Vial of Twilightp16Consumable2
Potion of Twilightp17Consumable3
Bottle of Twilightp18Consumable4
Vial of Morphp19Consumable2
Potion of Morphp20Consumable3
Bottle of Morphp21Consumable4
Vial of Healthp22Consumable5
Potion of Healthp23Consumable6
Bottle of Healthp24Consumable7
Rejuvenation Vialp25Consumable5
Rejuvenation Potionp26Consumable6
Rejuvenation Bottlep27Consumable7
Clarity Vialp28Consumable5
Clarity Potionp29Consumable6
Clarity Bottlep30Consumable7
Gris Stabilizerp31Consumable5
Azure Stabilizerp32Consumable6
Crimson Stabilizerp33Consumable7
Teamwork Vialp34Consumable5
Teamwork Potionp35Consumable6
Teamwork Bottlep36Consumable7
Duality Vialp37Consumable5
Duality Potionp38Consumable6
Duality Bottlep39Consumable7