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A Master's Shop is a shop that is owned and managed by a player Blacksmith or Alchemist to offer crafting services for other players who would otherwise be unable to craft certain items. Shops owned by Blacksmiths are able to offer any crafting that the respective blacksmith is able to craft. Similarly, a shop owned by an Alchemist will be able to offer items created by brewing.

Every shop gets assigned a unique number depending on when it was created, this number will be referred to by "[Shop_ID]". Each shop will also have a unique 5 character code, this will be referred to as "[Shop_Code]". Both "[Shop_Code]" and "[Shop_ID]" will be used in many other commands.

Using the Shop as a Customer

To use the shop of a blacksmith or alchemist, a player needs to send the unique command, /ws_[Shop_Code], for the shop to the ChatWarsBot. The shop can be open or closed, depending on the state of the shop owner. The owner has to open the shop to allow players to buy/craft items in their shop. The following exemplary shop of IronMan would be accessed with /ws_IamIM.

Welcome, to IronMans Forge #42
IronMan 500/500 Mana.png the Blacksmith from Butterfly
Smithy is open.
Hunter Armor, 150 Mana.png 123 Gold.png /ws_IamIM_a32 Hunter Boots, 150 Mana.png 456 Gold.png /ws_IamIM_a34 Hunter dagger, 150 Mana.png 789 Gold.png /ws_IamIM_w32 Hunter Helmet, 150 Mana.png 314 Gold.png /ws_IamIM_a33 Hunter Gloves, 150 Mana.png 271 Gold.png /ws_IamIM_a35
Have a nice day. /ws_IamIM

A player can craft all items listed in the shop page, as long as the owner has enough mana Mana.png for that specific order. The amount of mana needed is noted next to the name of the item. The amount of mana available is written down in the shop page, too. If a player wants to order a specific item, the process will be succesful, as long as the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The customer of the shop has all necessary items/resources in their inventory, not the shop owner's inventory.
  • The customer has enough gold Gold.png to pay the shop owner with the price listed on the shop page.
  • The shop owner has enough mana Mana.png.
  • The shop is open.

The order will be processed after sending the corresponding command for the item to the ChatWarsBot.

Managing the Shop as an Owner

An overview of the shop can be seen with the command /myshop at the ChatWarsBot. Here, owners are able to open and close the shop, customize it, and view it as a customer would see it. If a master does not own a shop, they will be prompted to create one by using the command code /createshop. Owners that own one have the option to rebuild it from scratch as well by using the same command code to create one. Both creating a new shop for the first time and rebuilding one from scratch requires 500 Gold.png.

To open or close the shop use the command /myshop_open or /myshop_close.

In order to customize the shop, the owner can use the command code /s_[Shop_ID]_edit to get to the admin page. From there, owners can see what items they are offering, add or remove a specific offer, or access the help usage menu.

Adding a Product

To add a product, use the command code /s_[Shop_ID]_add [Item_ID] [Price]

As long as there is a free slot the product will be added, otherwise an error will be posted.

Changing the Price

It is not possible to offer the same product twice. By typing /s_[Shop_ID]_add [Item_ID] [Price] for an existing product, its price will be updated to the new price, but nothing else will change.

Removing a Product

To remove a product type /s_[Shop_ID]_d_[Slot].

Slot stands for the place the product has in your shop. If you look at IronMans Forge as example, Hunter Armor would be on Slot 1 and the Hunter Gloves would be on Slot 5.

Customizing the Shop

By using the command code /s_[Shop_ID]_help an owner is able to customize their shop to their preferences. Options include being able to name the shop and placing the shop designation before or after the title. The command for adding a new item to the shop menu can also be found here. However, shop designation (Shack, Brewery, etc.) does not seem to be modifiable.

Enlarging the Shop Size

A standard shop can have up to 5 offers at once. In order to increase the number of slots available, you have to use gems Gem.png.

For every increase you gain one additional slot up to a maximum of 10 (updated to 12 on 11 June 2020). The cost of gems Gem.png increases with each additional slot and are as follows:

Shop Expansion Cost
Slots Cost
5 500 Gold.png
6 3 Gem.png
7 5 Gem.png
8 8 Gem.png
9 13 Gem.png
10 21 Gem.png
11 34 Gem.png
12 55 Gem.png


The prices for the shop enlargement are the derived from the Fibonacci sequence [1]