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The ChatWarsBot is the game bot in telegram for playing ChatWars. It can be contacted @chtwrsbot.

List of bot commands

Player info and tool commands

Command optional arguments Example Effect
/me n/a n/a Shows short player info about Class, Castle Level, Experience, Currency, Stamina, Attributes, Mana, Equipment, Inventory, State, and time until Battle of the Seven Castles
/hero n/a n/a Shows short player info about Level, Attribute, Experience, Stamina, Mana, Currency, Expertise, currently running potions and lists all equipped Equipment
/class n/a n/a Shows the level of all skills a player has skilled.
/inv n/a n/a Shows all equipped Equipment and all equipment hold in the Bag Bag.png.
/stock n/a n/a Lists all resources that a player has. Does not include stock in Exchange
/name newname /name StrongWarrior Changes the name of the player used in the game
/promo n/a n/a Gives you a link you can share with your friends so that you can permanently gain stamina (subjected to whether said friend plays the game till level 3 or not)
/arena n/a n/a Brings you directly to the Arena
/misc n/a n/a Shows you your miscellaneous tab
/top n/a n/a Shows the list of other commands for leaderboards
/revoke n/a n/a Revokes all api access to your profile
/report n/a n/a Shows your latest battle report
/more n/a n/a Shows all resources and parts in the player's stock, including the corresponding add command.
/a item code quantity /a_01 2 Adds a resource from player's stock to the workbench.
/d item code quantity /d_01 2 Returns a resource from workbench to the player's stock.
/c item code quantity /c_23 2 Craft the specified item for the specified quantity, provided the player has learned the recipe, has enough resources, and has the required gold or mana.
/i item code /i_a26 Inspects the given item. The item name is shown and stats are shown if the item may be equipped.
/view item code /view_a26 Same effect as /i.
/inspect item code /inspect_a26 Same effect as /i.
/craft item code /craft_23 2 Same effect as /c.
/buy item code /buy_a01 Purchases an item from the shop and adds it to the player's bag, provided the item is available and the player has enough gold.
/sell item code /sell_a01 Sells an item to the shop, provided the item is in the player's bag.
/on item code /on_a01 Equips an item from the player's bag.
/off item code /off_a01 Un-equip an item and move it to the player's bag.
/wrap item code /wrap_a06 Wrap an item, thereby moving it from the player's bag to the Equipment section. Only equipment may be wrapped. Wrapping must be available.
/bind item code /bind_tch Unwrap an item, thereby moving it from the Equipment section to the player's bag.
/use item code /use_100 Use a Consumable item, including a Pouch of Gold.
/use skill code /use_cry Activate a skill, which may be used immediately (Unringing a Bell) or may take effect during battle (Battle Cry.) Skills meant for battles generally last for eight hours to ensure it activates during the next battle and have a 24-hour cooldown when used. The player must have learned the skill.
/sg item code /sg_02 Sell exactly 75 items of the specified resource for 75 gold, if they exist in the player's stock. This will trigger a 24-hour cooldown of the command.
/sc item code quantity /sc_02 100 Accept a merchant's offer to buy resources for a specified amount of gold (usually 2 💰). This is only available for a Sentinel that intervenes a Foray, defeat the other player, and get a message from the game bot about the merchant. The offer lasts 3 minutes from when the message was delivered to the player.
/level_up n/a n/a Display's the character's available skill points and skills that may be leveled.
/effects n/a n/a Show current effects and cooldowns.
/mem n/a n/a Gives the player an option to Rebirth if they meet the required level.
/tributes n/a n/a Shows the player's last ten tributes, if they are of the Knight class.
/tactics castle name /tactics_butterfly Set tactics for the specified castle during the upcoming battle, if the player has the Tactics skill (either by being a Sentinel or drinking a murky potion.)
/enchant item code
item code of scroll
/enchant_w33_s05 Enchant the specified item with the specified enchant scroll. The game automatically lists the command if the scroll is used for compatible items in the player's bag.
/blandleaf n/a n/a The Blandleaf lab for interweaving and disenchanting items.
/blandleaf_iwv item code /blandleaf_iwv_a72se By itself, it shows available equipment items for interweaving. With an item code, the player may see the cost of interweaving three items of the same quality (regardless of condition).
/blandleaf_det item code /blandleaf_det_u150 By itself, it shows available equipment items for disenchanting. With an item code, the player may see the cost of disenchanting an item.

game information

Command optional arguments Example Effect
/time n/a n/a Shows time of day, date and time in the game
/skill _skillabbrv /skill_cll shows info about specific skill
/other n/a n/a Shows some Telegram channels and commands related to the game.
/help n/a n/a Shows a game guide.
/terms n/a n/a Shows the game's terms and conditions.

Exchange commands

Command optional arguments Example Effect
/t All exchange available item codes. /t_01

Thread offers now:
25 pcs for 29💰
17 pcs for 30💰
2 pcs for 32💰
Buy 1: /wtb_01
Buy 5: /wtb_01_5

You have 2💰 and 57 Thread
Sell 1 quickly: /wts_01
Sell 5 quickly: /wts_01_5
Sell 10 for 29💰 each: /wts_01_10_29

/t Search term /t Bone

Search results (3)
(powered by Doodle)

Bone: /t_04
Ethereal bone: /t_61
Bone powder: /t_21

/trades n/a n/a Shows results of the last 10 /wtb commands made by the player including how many items were bought and for how much.
/wtb Item code
/wtb_01_5 Attempts to buy the specified item for the specified amount at the lowest price. It can be partly successful if there are no more items for the price or the player ran out of gold.
/wts Item code
/wts_01_5_8 Creates an exchange deal. The player must have the items, an available exchange slot, and the price must be positive and below 1000.
/rm Exchange deal ID n/a Cancels the exchange deal and returns items to the player's stock. The ID is given when the deal is created or by going to the Exchange.

Auction.png Auction commands

Command optional arguments Example Effect
/au All auction available for item name. /au Lion Blade

2 active lots:
#1 Lion blade
8👝 24 minutes /l_124567

#2 Lion blade
8👝 31 minutes /l_124568

/lots n/a n/a Display all unexpired lots created by the player.
/lot item code /lot_k17 Create an un-configured lot for the specified item code, provided the player has one PoG for collateral and the item wrapped if it is equipment.
/bids n/a n/a Display all lots the player is bidding on.
/bet lot ID
number of PoGs
/bet_1337_10 Bid on the lot, provided the player has enough PoGs.

Guild and Guild Alliance commands

Guild Commands

Guild Alliance Commands