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A castle in ChatWars is a group of players that are allied and fight against other castles. There are nine castles in the game:

Every player can only be member of one castle. The castle can be changed for real money, see options in tavern.

Each castle can earn Castle Points

Even though there exist alliances between different castles, these alliances are unwritten agreements and there is no in-game mechanic preventing any player to attack any other castle. The Battle of the Seven Castles is the main event of the game and winning or losing in these battles awards points in the ranking. The alliances of the castle plan their attacks mostly together to ensure a successful attack on a specific target.

The castles use a subdivision in squads, which is again no game mechanic, only from organisational point of view. Mostly, these squads have different purposes, examples are: educating new players, defenders, attackers, mobile forces etc. Attack orders and defend orders are given in the main castle chats and/or in these squads.