Moonlight Castle

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Moonlight Castle is one of the seven castles. Moons and the moonlight castle are displayed with the emoji Moon.png


From the valley we learned that in the past days long ago, different castles fought these grounds. It is believed that Moonlight Castle was built by the descendants of these brave warriors.

Moonlight is a cursed castle. Due to their ancestral knowledge they are limited from gaining new recruits. They also currently[as of 2018-06-11] do not provide any earlooms.

Their ranks consist of players from the Russian version of Chat Wars (@ChatWarsBot) and a small number of people who bought a passport from the stranger in the tavern.

Battle cry[edit]

/dymok_s_dr - 'Not as a battle cry, but... a once a day prayer, or thanks, from a higher up.'- George’s World Tour [1]