Battle of the Seven Castles

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The Battle of the Nine Castles is the main event in ChatWars. Every eight hours, the forces of the nine different castles fight for gold and resources. Every player has the choice of defending the own castle against enemy forces or attacking one of the other six castles by changing his state to Attack.pngattack or Defend.pngdefend. For a few minutes, the game is locked and no other activities can be done, the player gets the message

The wind is howling in the meadows, castles are unusually quiet. Warriors are mending their wounds and repairing armor after a tiresome battle. All the establishments and castle gates are closed for the next couple of minutes. Await the battle report at @chtwrsReports

The game calculates the battle results depending on how strong the forces of attackers and defenders were at each of the castles. If the attackers were stronger than the defenders, the castle is breached and players of the breached castle lose gold and resources to the attackers. If the attackers were weaker than the defenders, the attack fails and no gold or resources are won by the attackers, quite the contrary: attackers can lose equipment to the successful defenders.

Times of the battles

Currently the battles take place directly after the night is over/beginning of morning of the ingame time. This corresponds to the times of 07:00UTC, 15:00UTC and 23:00UTC.

Special Circumstances

If a player's inventory exceeds the maximum number of items allowed, the player is unable to attack. The following message will appear.

Your bag is too heavy to move. Free some space.

Player has to sell or wrap the items in inventory, before any attacking options are allowed.