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Each player is member of a castle Castle.png that is chosen at the begin of the game. The character is Level.png level 1 and will level up with experience Experience.png mainly gained from quests Quests.png, but also Arena.png Arena and Battle of the Seven Castles. Typing /me or pressing the Level.pngMe button shows the basic information of a player.

Player information


Battle of the seven castles in 2h 35 minutes!
Butterfly.png StrongWarrior Master of Butterfly Castle
Level.png Level: 17
Attack.png Atk: 42 Defend.png Def: 23
Experience.png Exp: 8314/8682
Heart.png Hp: 178/178
Stamina.png Stamina: 2/5 Timer.png 22min
Mana.png Mana: 170/170
Gold.png 77 Pog.png 3
Equipment.png Equipment +21 Attack.png + 13 Defend.png Bag.png Bag 2/15 /inv
State: Rest.png Rest
More: /hero


Attributes in ChatWars are used to describe a player. Each attribute describes another part of the character in question.

Level and Experience

For the main article on level, see Level

The most basic attribute in the game is experience referenced by the symbol Experience.png. Experience can be gained by multiple actions. At the beginning of the game at level 1, a player can only go questing in the forest Forest.png and will gain experience if the quest is successful. Participating in the Battle of the Seven Castles yields experience, too. With increasing level, the options to gain experience get more diverse: there are more possibilities of quests, the arena as Player vs Player fights gives experience and certain skills, depending on the class, will give bonus experience within a daily limit. For example the Educated Technician gives experience for crafting items each day.

The character level is based on their experience. With increasing level it needs more and more experience to reach the next level, while the experience gained from any action also rises with level. While characters progress to higher levels, they unlock new game features and get rewards along the way.


Both of the stats consist of several factors:

  • Base stat value, which is the value without any kind of boost from any source. This is solely dependent on the level and the chosen class.
  • Equipment bonus, which is the additional stat values a character gains by wearing equipment.
  • Skill bonus, which is all stat values that various skills from classes add.
  • Potion bonus, which is the stat bonus temporarily gained by drinking potions

The table below shows the stats given on level up. In addition to that, 2 base stat given on character creation.

Level Range Stats Given Total Additional Base Stat Difference
2-9 1 /level 8 +8
10-14 1 /level 13 +5
15-24 3 /level 43 +30
25-34 5 /level 93 +50
35-44 7 /level 163 +70
45-49 9 /level 208 +45
50-54 11 /level 263 +55
55-?? 30 per 2 levels* ?? ??

Note (*): Not all classes have fixed value given per level due to % calculation. However the total value given per 2 levels are the same for all classes.

For knight: +10/+4 at odd levels, starting from lv55. +11/+5 at even levels, starting from lv56.


The attack stat defines the character's strength when attacking another castle, and affects amount of gold and stock gained by that character while attacking.


The defense stat defines the character's strength when defending their castle, and affects amount of gold gained by that character while defending.


For the main article, see Health

Health Heart.png attribute was introduced with the "Farewell" update (09/06/2019). Hp is used for Arena fights Arena.png, Attack.png Attacking, Defend.png Defending the castle, surviving rangers' It's a Trap! skill and taking part in Monster fight.


For the main article, see Stamina

Stamina Stamina.png is used to go on quests. Each quest uses a certain amount of stamina, which is removed from the current stamina once the quest is started. Foray uses 2 stamina, while all other quests use only 1. Every hour 1 stamina point regenerates, which cannot be altered in any way, except for the Power Napping skill of the Ranger class. Other skills like Gifted Pathfinder or Agile Soldier can regenerate 1 full point of stamina under certain circumstances but they do not alter the 60 minute timer.


For the main article, see Mana

Mana Mana.png is only available to Master classes. It is used in varying amounts for any kind of crafting.

/hero information

By typing /hero you can get a more detailed information about the character profile which reveals a few attributes not seen in /me.


For the main article on expertise, see Expertise

The Expertise information can only be found in the more detailed /hero profile. Expertise is needed to wear better equipment and it unlocked by reaching certain levels. Currently there exist 5 different Expertise levels: Book-red.png, Book-green.png, Book-blue.png, Bookorange.png, and Yellowpages.png which are unlocked at level 15, 25, 35, 45, and 60 (55 for reborned players) respectively.


By pressing on /class you see information about which skills the character has leveled.



Pouches of Gold


A character can only have one state at a time, this can be either questing Quests.png, Arena fights Arena.png or the two different states concerning the battle of the seven castles: Attack.png Attacking a certain castle or Defend.png Defending the own castle. Blacksmiths and Alchemists can also be in their respective master shop. If none of these states are held, the character is shown at rest Rest.png.