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Equipment Equipment.png is the name for every item that a player can equip. There are different slots that can hold exactly one item.

Equipment slots[edit]

Equipment slot overview
Slot Equipment pieces
Weapon slots
Main Hand Weapon Sword, Spear, Bow, Blunt
Off Hand Weapon Dagger, Shield, Combat Potion, Arrow
Protective Gear slots
Helm Helmets from Shop or crafted by blacksmiths
Armor Armor from Shop or crafted by blacksmiths
Glove Gloves from Shop or crafted by blacksmiths
Boot Boots from Shop or crafted by blacksmiths
Cape slot
Cape Capes free gift for sending password in castle chat, crafting, special gifts

Equipment attributes[edit]

The Attack.png attack value of the equipped items results in a total equipment value of Attack.png attack. Analogue for the Defend.png values. In the player overview, this is noted with:

Equipment.png Equipment +54 Attack.png +33 Defend.png

Depending on the class and the chosen skills, an attribute bonus will be added to the total attack/defend value. One example for this is the Dagger Mastery of knights.

Acquisition of equipment[edit]

Every slot can be equipped with aquired items. Tier 0 as well as Tier 1 items can be bought from the shop. The more advanced gear from Advanced Crafting can be crafted by blacksmiths or bought as finished equipment via auctions.

Equipment categories[edit]

Equipment can be subdivided into two main groups:

Each of those comes in different tiers which loosely reflect their rareness and price and also dictate the requirements that need to be fulfilled to wear them.

For the main article on tiers, see Nomenclature

Tier 0 & 1[edit]

Is comprised of items that can only be bought in the shop The basic equipment can be bought in the shop of the castle. At the beginning of the game, this is the first and easiest access to equipment. The quality of the items ranges from the cheapest items in the game to weapons or protective gear with the requirement of the first book expertise Book-red.png. The latter can be enchanted with the red enchantment scrolls Book-red.pngScroll of Rage (Red) or respective Book-red.pngScroll of Peace (Red).

Tier 2[edit]

With the introduction of Advanced Crafting, a new tier of items was added to the game, requiring the second book of expertise Book-green.png. These items can be enchanted with the green scrolls Book-green.pngScroll of Rage and Book-green.pngScroll of Peace. The gear can be crafted by players with the skill Crafting (Skill) at level 3. This is only possible for blacksmiths of level 24 or higher. Other players need to buy the gear at auctions or craft the gear at a blacksmith shop.

The advanced Protective Gear exists in three different sets.

Tier 2 Protective Gear Overview
Type Name of the set Classes with gear bonus skills
Light Armor Hunter Armor Set Knight, Ranger, Collector
Robe Armor Clarity Armor Set Blacksmith, Alchemist
Heavy Armor Order Armor Set Sentinel

Tier 3[edit]

With the June 30th, 2018 game update, the tier 3 Book-blue.png equipment was introduced to the game. Six different armor sets, a cape for each armor type and a variety of new weapons were obtainable.

Armor Sets Light Armor Ghost Armor Set
Lion Armor Set
Robe Armor Demon Armor Set
Divine Armor Set
Heavy Armor Crusader Armor Set
Royal Armor Set