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Expertise is an attribute of a character depending on the level. Certain equipment needs a certain level of expertise to be equipped. Expertise is characterized with the book symbols in different colors as follows:

Expertise Levels
Level Symbolic declaration Unlock at character level Stats per level up
Level 0 - 1 1
Level 1 Book-red.png 15 3
Level 2 Book-red.png Book-green.png 25 5
Level 3 Book-red.png Book-green.png Book-blue.png 35 7
Level 4 Book-red.png Book-green.png Book-blue.png Bookorange.png 45 11
Level 5 Book-red.png Book-green.png Book-blue.png Bookorange.png Yellowpages.png 60 15*

* Expertise Level 5 is unlocked at level 60, but the stat increase is applied at level 55

Use of expertise

Expertise-based equipment

The Castle Shop offers equipment of the Tier 0 and Tier 1 Book-red.png quality. The second Tier Book-green.png equipment can be acquired from blacksmith's shops or bought via auctions. While Tier 0 and Tier 1 protective gear has no special type, beginning with Tier 2 the protective gear (Hunter Armor Set, Clarity Armor Set, Order Armor Set) is classified in light, robe and heavy armor categories, which is important for the corresponding skills.

Enhancing equipment based on expertise

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Equipment with expertise level 1 or higher can be enhanced with the use of scrolls. The scrolls need to be of the corresponding level (e.g. Book-red.png equipment needs Book-red.png scrolls) and add a bonus to the attributes.