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Auctioning items is one of the two possible trading options in the game. Equipment (not all, certain items from the Shop can not be traded, but all Tier 1 Book-red.png items and Tier 2 Book-green.png items are up for auctions), Piece of Equipment and Recipe (Item) can be auctioned. All scrolls (normal and rare) of Tier 1 Book-red.png and Tier 2 Book-green.png used in enchanting equipment can be auctioned.


The auction is unlocked when a player reaches level 10. However, the button for the auction will only be available when player reaches level 15. Despite that, players can still use the auction using auction commands.

Since the auction uses Pouch of Gold as currency, the player must have at least 1 Pouch of Gold to create a lot or bid on lots. However, players can view lots freely by using the auction search command.

Setting up items for auction

The Castle.png Castle has a category for Auction.png Auction. When using this option, a list of all items in the player's inventory, that can be auctioned, is listed. Only wrapped equipment can be set up for auction, while pieces of equipment and recipe (items) don't need this. Example message:

You have for sale:
/lot_k17 Clarity Shoes Part (1)
/lot_r04 War Hammer Recipe (1)
/lot_u101 Enchantment.png +3 Rapier (1)
/lot_k18 Clarity Bracers Part (2)
Your lots: /lots
Your bids: /bids

To set up a specific item for auction, the player has to have 1 Pouch of Gold, which will be used as a collateral. If the auction ends without a buyer or is cancelled, this pouch is lost. Otherwise the pouch will be paid back to the seller after the end of the auction. If this requirement (1 pouch of gold) is fulfilled, sending the corresponding command to the bot opens an unique auction slot with an unique identification number. For example, /lot_k17 command will be used for Clarity Bracers Part. The following example message will appear:

Creating lot Clarity Bracers Part
The lot #1337 is created. You have 15 minutes to configure it. /l_1337_edit

The edit options are:

Starting price: 0 pouch(es)
Auction duration: 12 hours
Edit: /l_1337_price {price} (maximum is 50 pouches) /l_1337_time {hours} (minimum is 3 hours) /l_1337_start to start an auction /l_1337_cancel to cancel it

Cancelling at this point gives the pouch back. Only after starting the auction, the pouch will be lost for cancelling the auction.

Note: The time that is set for the auction is using ingame time running with three times the speed of real time. Setting the auction time to 3 hours will result in a duration of the auction of 1 real hour.

All active biddings of a player can be accessed with /lots.

Betting on auctions

A seperate telegram channel named Boris and Co, ltd, found at publishes all new auctions and their state:

Lot #1337 : Clarity Bracers Part
Seller: Dinosaur.png Batman
Current price: 3 pouch(es)
Buyer: Butterfly.png
End At: 25 Ōstar 1060 13:02
Status: #active

Forwarding the message with the auction to the game bot gives a message with the command to bet on that item. The format for this is: /bet_1337_{price} where price is the amount of pouches that the player is willing to bet on the slot.

Special items for auctions can be searched at the game bot, too, by using /au {Search term}, for example /au Rapier. The bot returns a list of all open auction slots that fit the search.

All active bets of a player can be accessed with /bids.