Piece of Equipment

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Piece of Equipment is a type of item. Every item, that is no resource or Recipe (Item) and that is needed to craft Tier 2 Book-green.png equipment falls in this category. Pieces of Equipment can be found while doing the quest swamp Swamp.png or can be bought from other players via auctions.

List of Pieces of Equipment

Tier 2 Book-green.png Weapons

Weapon Corresponding Piece of Equipment
Champion Sword Champion Blade
War Hammer War Hammer Head
Order Shield Order Shield Part
Hunter Bow Hunter Shaft
Hunter Dagger Hunter Blade
Trident Trident Blade

Tier 2 Book-green.png Protective Gear

Hunter Armor Set
Hunter Helmet Hunter Helmet Fragment
Hunter Armor Hunter Armor Part
Hunter Gloves Hunter Gloves Part
Hunter Boots Hunter Boots Part
Clarity Armor Set
Clarity Circlet Clarity Circlet Fragment
Clarity Robe Clarity Robe Piece
Clarity Bracers Clarity Bracers Part
Clarity Shoes Clarity Shoes Part
Order Armor Set
Order Helmet Order Helmet Fragment
Order Armor Order Armor Piece
Order Gauntlets Order Gauntlets Part
Order Boots Order Boots Part

Tier 3 Book-blue.png Weapons

Weapon Corresponding Piece of Equipment
Thundersoul Sword Thundersoul Blade
Guard's Spear Guard's Blade
Imperial Axe Imperial Axe Head

Tier 3 Book-blue.png Protective Gear

Ghost Armor Set
Ghost Helmet Ghost Helmet Fragment
Ghost Armor Ghost Armor Part
Ghost Gloves Ghost Gloves Part
Ghost Boots Ghost Boots Part
Lion Armor Set
Lion Helmet Lion Helmet Fragment
Lion Armor Lion Armor Part
Lion Gloves Lion Gloves Part
Lion Boots Lion Boots Part
Crusader Armor Set
Crusader Helmet Crusader Helmet Fragment
Crusader Armor Crusader Armor Piece
Crusader Gauntlets Crusader Gauntlets Part
Crusader Boots Crusader Boots Part
Royal Armor Set
Royal Helmet Royal Helmet Fragment
Royal Armor Royal Armor Piece
Royal Gauntlets Royal Gauntlets Part
Royal Boots Royal Boots Part
Divine Armor Set
Divine Circlet Divine Circlet Fragment
Divine Robe Divine Robe Piece
Divine Bracers Divine Bracers Part
Divine Shoes Divine Shoes Part
Demon Armor Set
Demon Circlet Demon Circlet Fragment
Demon Robe Demon Robe Piece
Demon Bracers Demon Bracers Part
Demon Shoes Demon Shoes Part

Tier 4 Bookorange.png Weapons

Main Hand Weapon Corresponding Piece of Equipment
Phoenix Sword Phoenix Sword Part
Minotaur Sword Minotaur Sword Part
Nightfall Bow Nightfall Bow Part
Meteor Bow Meteor Bow Part
Black Morningstar Black Morningstar Part
Maiming Bulawa Maiming Bulawa Part
Guisarme Guisarme Part
Heavy Fauchard Heavy Fauchard Part
Off Hand Weapon Corresponding Piece of Equipment
Griffin Knife Griffin Knife Part

Tier 4 Bookorange.png Protective Gear

Capes Corresponding Piece of Equipment
Assault Cape Assault Cape Part
Craftsman Apron Craftsman Apron Part
Stoneskin Cloak Stoneskin Cloak Part

Griffin Armor Set
Griffin Helmet Griffin Helmet Part
Griffin Armor Griffin Armor Part
Griffin Gloves Griffin Gloves Part
Griffin Boots Griffin Boots Part
Council Armor Set
Council Helmet Council Helmet Part
Council Armor Council Armor Part
Council Gauntlets Council Gauntlets Part
Council Boots Council Boots Part
Celestial Armor Set
Celestial Helmet Celestial Helmet Part
Celestial Armor Celestial Armor Part
Celestial Bracers Celestial Bracers Part
Celestial Boots Celestial Boots Part