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The Workshop.png is one of the services provided by the castle and can be found as subcategory from Castle.png castle. It is unlocked when the player reaches level 10. The workshop itself has three different options:

  • Workshop.png Workbench
  • Wrap.png Wrapping
  • Recipe.png Recipes

When entering the workshop, the list of known recipes is shown.


The workbench is the place to discover new recipes. As one would do it in real life, a list of available Stock.pngresources and items (pieces of equipment, recipes (item))is shown and the player can add add those to the workbench by using /a_(ItemID), for example /a_01 adds 1 Thread to the workbench. Multiple items of the same type can be added with /a_(ItemID) amount for example /a_01 10 adds 10 Thread. Note: At maximum an amount of 50 of each type can be added, otherwise the game returns an error message. If all items are placed on the bench, hitting the Workshop.png Craft button creates the new item.

Exclamationmark.png Exclamationmark.png Exclamationmark.png Attention: If the items on the workbench are not in the correct amount, or items are missing - in other words: the recipe is not correctly executed - all items that were placed on the workbench are lost! 

If a new recipe is discovered with this method, this recipe will be added to the list of recipes. The process can be cancelled by pressing Error.png Reset and the resources are not lost.


The button Recipe.png Recipe shows a list of all recipes that were already discovered by the player. Against the expectation, the list of recipes does not show which items are used to craft the product, but using the corresponding /craft_(ItemID) commands will craft the product without placing all single items on the workbench. If the necessary resources are not available, an error message is sent. Also, if other crafting requirements are not fulfilled, an error message appears. This could be not enough gold Gold.png for esquire classes or not enough mana Mana.png for master classes.

The recipe list is divided in categories of Crafting (Skill).

Anomaly: Lvl 1 lists all basic recipes that are available for all classes, independant of the level of Crafting (Skill), which is always zero for esquires. 


Wrapping is a process that is required to trade equipment in auctions. Wrapped items can not be equipped and only items in the inventory Bag Bag.png can be wrapped. To wrap an item, a Wrap.png wrapping is needed and consumed. Wrappings have to be crafted and can not be traded in any way. Wrapped items can not be lost in the Battle of the Seven Castles.