Crafting (Skill)

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The skill Crafting is a skill for all master classes and is available upon level 10. It enables a player to craft better items and resources.


In-game description: Being an expert in your craftsmanship gives you an ability to craft complex items.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill allows you to craft more complicated items.

Skill Level Effect
Crafting 1 Unlocks having mana Mana.png. Crafting uses mana instead of 1 Gold.png
Crafting 2 Unlocks crafting of higher tier items, namely resources used for Book-green.png equipment
Crafting 3 Unlocks crafting for Book-green.png tier 2 equipment
Crafting 4 Unlocks crafting of higher tier items, namely resources used for Book-blue.png equipment and the basic versions of the Sword, Spear, Blunt and Bow of the Book-blue.png T3 equipment
Crafting 5 Unlocks crafting for Book-blue.png tier 3 equipment: all upgraded weapons, daggers, shields, all T3 Protective Gear and the three T3 capes. Also unlocks crafting resources used for Bookorange.png and Yellowpages.png equipment
Crafting 6 Unlocks crafting for all Bookorange.png tier 4 and Yellowpages.png tier 5 equipment

Skill caps

The skill has higher skill caps for blacksmiths than for collectors and alchemists who can both skill it at maximum at 2. Blacksmith can unlock more craftbooks by leveling up the skill.

Skill Level Unlock Level
1 10
2 14
3 24
4 34
5 42
6 48