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A player in ChatWars can chose one of six different classes, that follow up the two basic classes Esquire for the fighting classes and Master for the support classes:

Level Requirements

Basic classes

When reaching level 10, the player can chose one of two class options: Esquire or Master. Esquire is the basic class for the fight-oriented classes Knight, Ranger and Sentinel classes, Master is the basic class for the support classes Collector, Blacksmith and Alchemist. The class choice is final. Chosing Esquire at level 10 means, that it is not possible any more to be a Blacksmith, for example. With the choice of the basic class, the player can get use his skillpoints (SP) to learn some of the basic skills available.

Specialization classes

When reaching level 20, the player can chose his final specialization class, depending on the choice of the basic class.

Esquire Classes

Master Classes

Stat distribution

As soon as the player chooses a class, his stats will be automatically redistributed to the Attack to Defense ratio of the class. For example knights have a ratio of 70%/30%, which means that 70% of the stat points will be put to attack and the remaining 30% to defense. Players are now given skill points which they can manually allocate to the skills that they want to learn.