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Arrows are the necessary weapons that are equipped at the Off Hand Weapon slot. This requires having a bow equipped at the Main Hand Weapon Slot. A freshly crafted arrow pack contains 100 arrows. During the Battle of the Seven Castles or in arena fights, a certain amount of arrows will be consumed. Arrows can not be traded with the standard exchange or auctions. When crafting arrows you get an Arrow Pack, which yields 100 arrows of that type once unwrapped.

Types of Arrows[edit]

As of now, there are three different types of arrows in the game: Wooden Arrows, Steel Arrows and Silver Arrows.

Tier 0, Tier 1 Book-red.png - Wooden Arrows[edit]

Wooden Arrows don't need Crafting (Skill) and can therefore be crafted by every player.

Tier 2 Book-green.png - Steel Arrows[edit]

Steel Arrows require Crafting (Skill) at level 2, moving the arrow production to blacksmiths respectively their Blacksmith Shops. Collectors and alchemists can craft them too, since they can skill Crafting (Skill) at 2. But since there is no possibility to trade the unpacked arrows, these are for personal use only.

Tier 3 Book-blue.png - Silver Arrows[edit]

Silver Arrows can only be crafted with Crafting (Skill) at 3, again only possible for blacksmiths. They can be bought/crafted in Blacksmith's Shops.

Bows and Required Arrows[edit]

Name Expertise Arrow type Equip Code
Short Bow - Wooden Arrow /on_504
Wooden Bow - Wooden Arrow /on_504
Long Bow - Wooden Arrow /on_504
Elven Bow Book-red.png Wooden Arrow /on_504
Forest Bow Book-red.png Wooden Arrow /on_504
Hunter Bow Book-green.png Steel Arrow /on_510
Composite Bow Book-blue.png Silver Arrow /on_513
Lightning Bow Book-blue.png Silver Arrow /on_513
Hailstorm Bow Book-blue.png Silver Arrow /on_513


There is no possibilty to destroy arrows. The arrows can't be sold in the Castle Shop:

Error.png Something wrong with cashier. Try again later.

They also can't be put on the workbench, sold with Exchange, or Auctions. Arrows can only be consumed by using them. This may lead to a situation of a collector for example, who wants to unlock the recipe for crafting arrows and the player will be stuck with the arrows in inventory.