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Foray is a type of quest that is available upon level 3. While the other type of quests (Forest Forest.png, Swamp Swamp.png and Valley Valley.png) are completely independent of other players, the adventurous call of a foray is dangerous and enemy players may detect the attempt to pillage a village and can try to stop the player. Starting a foray costs 2 Stamina.png Stamina. Successful forays can reward Book-green.pngScroll of Rage (Green) or Book-green.pngScroll of Peace (Green). Knights have the chance to get a proposal for a pledge to protect the village in return for tributes. The option to pledge is not guaranteed after a successful foray.

Quest description

The concept of the foray is, that the player attempts to raid a village. This village is not bound to any castle in such a way that foraying would steal resources or gold from the enemy. The village is completely uncoupled from any other property. After a short time, a random player from any other castle gets a notification from the game bot that an enemy player is attempting to foray. This player has the ability to stop the pillage by answering the bot's message with the Intervene callback button (before 4 February 2020 the message could be responded with /go.) Obviously, there are three outcomes of the foray:

  1. Undetected and successful pillage
  2. Detected and getting defeated
  3. Detected and staying undefeated

The time until the notification of the protector is 2minutes at Times-morning.png morning, Times-day.png Day and Times-evening.png evening, 4minutes at Times-night.png night. The reaction window for the protector is always 3minutes long.

Foray course of action

Starting the quest:

Feeling an unsatisfiable lust for violence you set off to the nearest village. You will reach the nearest one in 2 minutes

After 2 minutes, the player gets a notification:

Next to the village you spotted a knight of the Butterfly.png Butterfly Castle - Defender. Let's hope he won't notice you.

At the same time, the protector gets the notification:

You were strolling around on your horse when you noticed ProfessionalRobber of Dinosaur.png Dinosaur Castle trying to pillage a local village.

The protector will have 3 minutes to react on this notification and start to protect the village, then the results will be announced. For the three different outcomes of the foray:

  • The foray is undetected: the player is rewarded with a considerable amount of gold Gold.png and experience Experience.png
Defender was completely clueless. Village was successfully pillaged. You feel pleased about yourself. Received 19 gold and 14 exp.
  • The foray is detected, the village's protector has a higher or same level as the player: The player loses 20% of his gold to the successful protector and gets no experience Experience.png
Defender noticed you and nearly beat you to death. You crawled back home to a nice warm bath. On your way there you dropped a couple of coins. Lost: -5 gold
  • The foray is detected, the village's protector has a lower level as the player: The player gets off lightly, no gold is gained, but the player is rewarded with some experience Experience.png
'Defender tried stopping you, but you were stronger. You have satisfied your lust for violence and left back home. Received: 14 exp.


Resources and Herbs found in Foray
Item ID Times-morning.png Times-day.png Times-evening.png Times-night.png
Magic Stone 13 link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}}
Coke 23 link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}} link={{{link}}}
Parts found in Foray
Item ID Times-morning.png Times-day.png Times-evening.png Times-night.png
Recipes found in Foray
Item ID Times-morning.png Times-day.png Times-evening.png Times-night.png