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From November 25th, 2019, players with level higher than 50 have the possibility to be reborn. This resets the player's level to 20 and the class can be picked again. Reborn players get around 30% more xp compared to normal players and they also receive an extra Skill Point every five levels. Once a reborn reaches level 30, they will have the opportunity to take their previous main class as a secondary class. This unlocks skills from this class equal to their current level.

Requirements for rebirth

  • Have no active "New life Enthusiasm" buff
  • Be at least level 50
  • Have no items equipped
  • Have no ongoing trades in Exchange
  • Have no ongoing auctions
  • Have less than 4000 stock space in use

Effects of rebirth

The rebirth process almost entirely resets the current /effects buff and debuff list. Upon rebirthing:

  • Your health is set to 1
  • Your gold is set to 0
  • Your arena count is set to 0
  • Your current active Taunt, Battle Cry and Collector Sense and their cooldowns are cleared
  • Current active adviser buffs are cleared
  • Any effects of murky potions are cleared
  • Gnome money debuff is cleared
  • Smugglers conspiracy debuff is cleared

Process of rebirth

To be a reborn player, one has to use the command /mem or /mem_reborn followed by /mem_reborn_confirm. If the requirements are not fullfilled, the process will stop and messages will show:

Your inventory is not empty, this deeply disturbes you.
Your stock is too heavy, this deeply disturbes you.
You just remembered that you have something going on at the stock exchange. This greatly disturbes you.

If all requirements are met and the process is confirmed, the player will be reset to 20 and can pick a new class with /level_up again:

Star.png Congratulations! New level! Star.png
Press /level_up

Battle of the seven castles in 52 minutes!

Butterfly.png [MEM]Batman of Butterfly Castle
Level.png Level: 20
Attack.png Atk: 6 Defend.png Def: 1
Experience.png Exp: 5375/6719
Heart.png Hp: 1/396
Stamina.png Stamina: 14/18 Timer.png now
Gold.png 0 Pog.png 116 Gem.png 215

Equipment.png Equipment [-]
Bag.png Bag: 17/15 /inv

Rest.png Rest

More: /hero

In /effects a timer of 90 days started:

Hourglass.png New life enthusiasm Timer.png 89d23h5m

Remembering a secondary class

When a reborn player hits level 30, they will be met with a festive message stating they can now /mes into one of their old classes. For a singular reborn, this will be just their starting class, for multiple reborns, they will have access to all of their past lives.

Decided to remember something right here? Focus at your spoon! 
Stock.png Batman lvl.71 /mes_0

The selected class becomes a secondary class, which means that the player can now learn skills from both classes at the respective level. In the /hero overview, the secondary class will have the maximum /mes level in superscript. This indicates the maximum level for which skills can be learned from this secondary class:

Ranger.png Stock.png⁷⁵Class info: /class

Secondary class effects

When a secondary class is remembered, any of the class secondary effects will be active too, these effects may be bound or limited by a skill. Examples of these effects are Sentinel's Guardian Angel, Knight's pledges and Sentinel's foray trader. In addition to this, any effects of amulets, rings and gear will now be activated for both of the classes the player has.