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Castle Points are the score that is displayed when typing /worldtop in the game bot. A castle can earn points using two different ways: Battle of the Seven Castles and Guild Quests first season it was posible to get points from Guild Wars.

Till Capricorn season (June 2021) castle points determined a castles /worldtop position, now the castle rank gets calculated on a base of every 21 battle.

Earning points in castle battles

A castle earns points in castle battles when its attackers breach another castle's defenses. Similar to gold gain in battles the castle points are distributed according to the individual castle's contribution to the attack power. Additionally to this the total amount of castle points awarded for breaching a castle depends on this castle's position in /worldtop - the higher the castle is ranked, the more castle points are awarded for breaching it.

Castle Rank #1 - 225 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #2 - 175 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #3 - 105 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #4 - 80 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #5 - 60 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #6 - 40 Trophy.png points
Castle Rank #7 - 20 Trophy.png points

If for example Dinosaur.pngDinosaur Castle and Butterfly.pngButterfly Castle attack Hedgehog.pngHedgehog Castle and breach their defenses they both draw from a pool of points corresponding with the /worldtop rank of Hedgehog.pngHedgehog. If Dinosaur.pngDinosaur attacked with 5000 Attack.png and Butterfly.pngButterfly had a total of 10000 Attack.png in the breach of Hedgehog.pngHedgehog, then Butterfly.pngButterfly will get twice the points of Dinosaur.pngDinosaur. In the case of Hedgehog.pngHedgehog giving a total of 30 castle points for a breach, Butterfly.pngButterfly will get 20 of those 30 points while Dinosaur.pngDinosaur Castle gets 10 points.

When a castle gets breached any castle points it receives in battles is divided by 5. If Hedgehog.pngHedgehog in the previous example breaches Butterfly.pngButterfly the points that Butterfly.pngButterfly receives in this battle will be reduced from 20 to 4. This will not change the points any other castles receive, Dinosaur.pngDinosaur will still receive only 10 points.

Example in action

Example /worldtop before the battle:

Level.png# 1 Hedgehog.png Hedgehog Castle  3000 Trophy.png points
  # 2 Dinosaur.png Dinosaur Castle  2000 Trophy.png points
  # 3 Butterfly.png Butterfly Castle 1000 Trophy.png points

In the theoretical example above, Hedgehog.pngHedgehog: and Butterfly.pngButterfly castles are breached. Lets assume Hedgehog.pngHedgehog gives those 30 points for being place 1, Butterfly.png gives 10 points for being place 3. As calculated above:

Hedgehog.pngHedgehog breach: 30 points (5000 Attack.png from Dinosaur.pngDinosaur, 10000 Attack.png from Butterfly.pngButterfly)
 -> 10 points to Dinosaur.pngDinosaur, 20 points to Butterfly.pngButterfly
Butterfly.pngButterfly breach: 10 points (5000 Attack.png from Dinosaur.pngDinosaur, 5000 Attack.png from Hedgehog.pngHedgehog)
 -> 5 points to Dinosaur.pngDinosaur, 5 points to Hedgehog.pngHedgehog

yields a total of:

Hedgehog.pngHedgehog 5 points (breached)
Dinosaur.pngDinosaur 10 points (not breached)
Butterfly.pngButterfly 20 points (breached)

This means the total sum of the breached castles is divided by 5 again and the total points gained for this theoretical battle would be:

Dinosaur.pngDinosaur 10 points
Butterfly.pngButterfly 4 points
Hedgehog.pngHedgehog 1 points

Earning points in guild wars

Castle points can also be gained in guild wars. Once the war between two guilds is over the castle of the winning guild will get 110-120 castle points. This happens outside of usual battle times and is not influenced by any other factor like the castle being breached or not.

This feature is turned off since the beginning of the second season (Aries Season).


With the game update from 20.2.2019 the "First Season" was ended and Seasons with a length of 3 months were introduced.

Castle point development

Castle point development Season 2

Total point development

S2 total.jpg

Relative point development (relative to average values)

S2 average.jpg The red line shows the average castle point of all 7 castle (left scale).

The other lines are the deviation of the average score (right scale).

Castle point development Season 1

Total point development


Relative point development (relative to average values)


The red line shows the average castle point of all 7 castle (left scale).

The other lines are the deviation of the average score (right scale).