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With the game update from 20.2.2019 the "First Season" was ended and it was announced that from now on every three months a new season will start.

Beginning with Sagittarius Season a new Rank system was introduced were Worldtop rank is determined by the mean castle point rank over the last week.

List of Seasons

# Season Start Date Winner
1 First Season 01.12.2017 Dragonscale
2 Aries season 01.03.2019 Wolfpack
3 Taurus season 01.06.2019 Dragonscale
4 Gemini Season 01.09.2019 Potato
5 Cancer Season 01.12.2019 Wolfpack
6 Leo season 01.03.2020 Wolfpack
7 Virgo season 01.06.2020 Highnest
8 Libra season 01.09.2020 Highnest
9 Scorpio season 01.12.2020 Highnest
10 Sagittarius season 01.03.2021 Moonlight
11 Capricorn season 01.06.2021 Moonlight
12 Aquarius season (?) 01.09.2021 Moonlight
13 Pisces season 01.12.2021 Moonlight
14 Neptun season 01.03.2022 Wolfpack
15 Uranus season 01.06.2022 Moonlight
16 Saturns season 01.09.2022 Dragonscale
17 Jupiters season 01.12.2022
18 04.03.2023
19 01.06.2023
20 01.09.2023

Past Seasons

First Season

# Castle Trophys
1 Dragonscale 50 258
2 Sharkteeth 50 149
3 Wolfpack 48 363
4 Highnest 45 148
5 Potato 44 616
6 Deerhorn 45 046
7 Moonlight 45 063

Aries season

Hide your kids it is Aries season!

We would like to present you War Seasons! Each season will have something special about it. The next season is the Aries season and as we all know, rams are crazy about sticks, therefore, do not expect to find a lot of sticks in the forest for now 

The Aries season will last until the end of Spring.

First three places, so called winners, of the next season will get some valuable gifts, losers will be buffed to make things a bit more interesting

And by the way, the declaration of war is disabled for maintenance. You can still rogue though.

Seasonal changes:

  • Drop rate of sticks reduced by a lot
  • Guild wars were deactivated
  • With end of season seasonal reward boxes were introduced
# Castle Trophys
1 Wolfpack 9 691
2 Dragonscale 9 651
3 Highnest 9 266
4 Sharkteeth 9 194
5 Deerhorn 9 005
6 Potato 8 916
7 Moonlight 8 880

Taurus season

It's Taurus season, so you know what that means

My Liege, I'm sorry to disturb you, but it is genuinely important.  I've got a few good news and a bad one for you. Let me to begin with one of the good news, my Liege. According to our surveys, the sticks are back. Our collectors report of the increased amounts of what they are able to get from their quests. So that means the Aries season is finally over and we have entered the season of Taurus, that leads us to the bad news. As it was pointed out by our collectors, the sticks are definitely back, however.. I don't know how to.. *sigh*
There is almost no gold. It just disappeared from quests. And what is most horryfing, the situation is getting worse and worse from day to day. Everyone is just happy to find even one or two coins. So, we had to make some emergency measures, before we ran out of gold completely. And here is the last good part: by following the advises of our wisest elders we have managed to make an agreement with our good old "friends", the gnomes. As everyone knows, the gnomes are filthy rich, so these mud rats took the advantage of our situation. Every citizen of our kingdom now able to sell to them a little portion of their resources on daily basis for the price of 2 gold for 1 item . But quotas are obnoxiously small, it's just 25 items per day.

Seasonal changes:

  • Drop rate of Gold reduced
  • Drop rate of Sticks increased again
  • Gnomes money were introduced (25 items for 2 gold each)
  • Mob hunts were introduced (not from beginning of the season)
# Castle Trophys
1 Dragonscale 7 286
2 Wolfpack 7 120
3 Highnest 5 657
4 Sharkteeth 5 572
5 Deerhorn 3 609
6 Potato 3 369
7 Moonlight 3 353

Gemini Season

It's on! Gemini Season!

The Northerly winds brought us strange Northerly weather, abnormal evaporation from the Northern swamps, unprecedented pressure of the Northern sun's rays and several explosions of alchemical laboratories at the north, that tried in vain to find recipes for new potions did their job. On the one hand, the warriors felt an influx of forces of the North and their wounds began to heal faster, and on the other hand, their attention became scattered by the Northern thoughts, their concentration was completely different, and it became much more difficult to restore mana. The influence of the Northern winds is not fully understood, but one thing is clear, such weather is here for a long time. And yes, the dwarves didn’t go to the North, they only made the prices worse, but now there is more gold, so it’s not clear who  will trade with them on such predatory terms.

Seasonal changes:

  • Mana regeneration reduced
  • HP regeneration increased
  • Drop rate of Gold increased
  • Change for gnomes money ()
  • Champions were introduced (not from beginning of the season)
  • Guild Level 8 and 9 possible (not from beginning of the season)
  • Blandleaf Alchemist appeared (not from beginning of the season)
  • Reborn is added (not from beginning of the season)
# Castle Trophys
1 Potato 8 323
2 Moonlight 8 254
3 Wolfpack 8 139
4 Highnest 6 645
5 Dragonscale 5 933
6 Sharkteeth 5 900
7 Deerhorn 5 138

Cancer Season

What time is it? The Cancer Season time!

It appears that the population of monsters near the most powerful castles is low nowadays. Peaceful villagers can now wander calmly.  However, monsters, while fleeing, dropped some goodies on their way to the hills. One can find some candy wrappers, bannana peels and some gear parts. Most likely those were taken off of not so brave and wise warriors. 
And yadda-yadda-yadda.. Long story short:
- encounter chance is altered for the season winners
- fragments drop rate is increased overall.
# Castle Trophys
1 Wolfpack 10 414
2 Potato 7 795
3 Deerhorn 7 784
4 Moonlight 7 779
5 Highnest 7 754
6 Dragonscale 7 731
7 Sharkteeth 7 724

Leo season

Something impossible has happened! And Leo season.

The Hall of Elders, leaders of the mightiest, bravest and wisest guilds of the Seven Kingdoms have come to an agreement. 

It has happened by an accident when one of the Council members sneezed. His colleague interpreted that sound as a business offer and proposed it to the rest of the council. The rest saw an economic advantage of such proposition, and initiated a typical discussion concerning logistics, distribution, agreements with the castle leaders, impact from the Forbidden clan and so on and so forth. Without any idea how, they just invented Alliances. 
And what is left for us, the common folk of the Seven Kingdoms? Stay tuned for the news from the Elder Council and hope for the best.

And stay healthy of course!
We all would really need our health, as with a start of the new season, an ancient artefact exploded in one of the abandoned forts. The ethereal magnetic waves propagating from it cause strange effects on the citizens - they became smarter and more curious, and curiosity is not the safest thing in world. 

Wait, what abandoned forts are we talking about?

Seasonal changes:

  • Guild Alliances were introduced
# Castle Trophys
1 Wolfpack 10 450
2 Highnest 10 145
3 Dragonscale 9 964
4 Deerhorn 9 963
5 Moonlight 9 914
6 Potato 9 419
7 Sharkteeth 8 968

Virgo season

Season of the Virgo.

Many of you went to the forest, some did it more than once, despite all the calls to stay at home. Such actions can't pass without consequences. Many passages have covered vast areas around the castles.  This allows you to move faster! It scares away wild animals! It would seem like a win-win situation, but let's see how soon will suspiciously smart beasts figure out a better spot to catch their prey.

Far from the castles, among the ruins, forts and abandoned mines, researchers are busy with their investigations. Alliances still do not understand the nature of these buildings, but have more or less figured out how to use them. The environs of mysterious objects are full of secrets no less than the objects themselves.

Upon the battlefields, commanders are recalculating their glory. This ephemeral thing is hard to measure, but the difficulties do not scare them.

In general, everything goes as it should. The usual season of the Virgo. The beginning.

Seasonal changes:

  • Bonds were introduced (not from beginning of the season)
# Castle Trophys
1 Highnest 11 400
2 Wolfpack 9 590
3 Moonlight 9 216
4 Deerhorn 8 845
5 Dragonscale 8 536
6 Sharkteeth 7 441
7 Potato 7 373

Libra season

Libra season and a dear farewell to Dr. Blandleaf

Recent crop harvest has brought some unexpected surprises upon us. No, it's not a drought, locust swarm or allies of neighbouring kingdoms, who accidentally poisoned our fertile fields. 
It's just that the nature had enough of this and decided to remind us who is the boss around here. 
Herbs started to change. Not an obvious change to spot though, same scent, same colour, same taste. But the key properties required for production of advanced potions are not the same anymore...

The famous alchemist, Dr. Blandleaf was not impressed with this and decided to leave the lands of the Seven Kingdoms just as unexpectedly and abruptly as he arrived. 

He said we shouldn't worry though, he was the only one doing proper alchemy, hence we won't notice any differences in our common breweries and popular recipes...

And by the way he left some teaching notes of some sort. We'll publish them, once we understand their meaning. And for now, it's really nothing to worry about! Keep exploring and making new passages, it's Libra season!

Seasonal changes:

# Castle Trophys
1 Highnest 15 695
2 Deerhorn 7 126
3 Wolfpack 7 063
4 Sharteeth 7 059
5 Potato 7 040
6 Moonlight 7 036
7 Dragonscale 7 022

Scorpio Season

Scorpio season!

There is a tavern in the woods, equally far from all castles.
It is protected by a fence that helped a lot of times.
Visitors like to write on it from time to time.
We found a note with the message: "There are not enough cups for castle battles celebrations! Especially for the large ones."

Who will write bad things on the fence? Nobody! So let's do it. Innkeeper, one more for everyone!
# Castle Trophys
1 Highnest 10 675
2 Moonlight 9 551
3 Deerhorn 9 106
4 Wolfpack 9 083
5 Dragonscale 9 055
6 Potato 8 385
7 Sharteeth 5 895

Sagittarius season

This Season the introduction text came late (half month after seasons beginning).

Sagittarius season!

Everybody is tired of the news already, so let's deal with some rumors.
Golems - will get out of hiding and break everything apart soon.
Skills - it is rumored that dual-shield-wielding and naked-armor masteries experts time is nigh.
Guilds - the piracy is finished once and for, all guilds signed eternal truce and started gardening.
He - is back!
The information is without a doubt reliable and verified on the first day of the second month of spring every year.
By the way, they saw a man in a yellow cloak in the forest, definitely for the rain's sake.

Seasonal changes:

# Castle Trophys
1 Moonlight 12 128
2 Wolfpack 8 996
3 Potato 8 767
4 Highnest 8 232
5 Dragonscale 8 160
6 Deerhorn 8 076
7 Sharkteeth 4 637

Capricorn season

This Season the introduction text came pretty late again (two months after seasons beginning)

Capricorn season

I would like to say that after the scandalous incident at the bazaar, the speaking sphere got smart and learned to confabulate without scaring the livin’ crap of people with its wild shouts.

But no, in the mental vocabulary of ingeniously useless artifacts, there are no such notions as tact or moderation.

So the sphere rolled down the steep hill, falling out of a garbage cart, where a deaf city guard sent it with a well-placed kick.

Sphere was rolling and mumbling..
- why reborn stats
- where does the experience from battles comes from
- who is the attack leaders
- why do I need resource hints
- cross-server feature vote
- where the heck is architect quest

Sphere was rolling and wondering..
Where the world is heading
Where are we rolling along with it
Ugh, I’m feeling nauseous…

Seasonal changes:

  • mem atk/def bonus changed
  • battle medal awarding changed
  • new Flag Rank for /worldtop was introduced
# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Moonlight 1.00 13 080
2 Wolfpack 2.21 7 790
3 Sharkteeth 3.79 6 889
4 Dragonscale 4.71 5 714
5 Potato 5.00 5 693
6 Deerhorn 5.36 5 673
7 Highnest 5.93 5 701

Aquarius season

This Season there was no Chatwars Blog (@chtwrs) entry till the end of the Season also seasonal Boxes from Capricorn season couldn't be opened within this season.

# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Moonlight 1.00 15 635
2 Highnest 3.46 7 688
3 Dragonscale 4.38 7 708
4 Wolfpack 4.77 7 682
5 Deerhorn 4.77 7 634
6 Sharkteeth 4.77 7 594
7 Potato 5.00 7 690

Pisces season

Pisces season

The trees of winter crept across the land, bare branches exposed reaching to the sky. Inciting the feeling of winter, other feelings were released from the citizens of the land. Early in the morning, slowly awakening to the realization of more, large mobs started to gather here and there, on streets, squares of their castles, within the market, and whatnot.

Lively and vigorous discussions were going strong - touring rhetoric leading the conversation. His words were smooth and smart, it was enough to captivate the crowd. Wise words are hard to come by, but he  went like: "One can't change the grim off your stern faces as one can't influence the gloomy skies, but one can change themself within!" His preach was so calming, and earnest, while he hid the instructions  of how exactly everyone shall change.

"No! We are not simple villagers, traders or soldiers anymore", - the crowd chanted, "No! We are furious warriors, power of the nature herself! We are the descendants of nobles and possibly even royals, due  greatness!” they shouted, not even realizing where they were lured into, following the rhetor for more knowledge.

Nobody realized that beneath his simple and humble robe of traveling rhetor, sat an icon of power. A metal pin showcasing a burning sensation, locked in ice, pinned upon his chest, his loyalty lies  elsewhere than with the people. So simple, yet so far, a flaming memory as to where it’s from…

# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Moonlight 1.00 13 867
2 Sharkteeth 2.92 6 102
3 Potato 3.46 6 167
4 Wolfpack 3.77 6 101
5 Deerhorn 4.62 6 035
6 Dragonscale 5.23 6 073
7 Highnest 7.00 4 774

Neptun season

Neptune season

In the times when so many voices spreads the lie across the realms. Our well-known herald Crystal Sphere decided to announce the changes crystal clear.

- The breached castle penalty is decreased, literally more cups;
- There is no such a thing as losing item in the castle battles. So Tight Grip and Scavanger is reworked.
- Alliance HQ now protecting their guildhalls from the direct attacks;
- In a castles battles easy victories produces less cups and hard ones produces more.
# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Wolfpack 1.14 11 393
2 Moonlight 2.43 10 285
3 Sharkteeth 3.29 9 751
4 Dragonscale 4.07 9 582
5 Deerhorn 4.79 9 637
6 Potato 5.29 9 493
7 Highnest 7.00 3 581

Uranus season

Uranus season. Before calamity.

The heroes grow stronger and stronger:
- A trained memory helps them in matters of rebirth;
- A guild banner motivates them to increase their wealth;
- Even spare battles now give them some experience;
- They are willing to cook and feast on any exotic meal;
- And they are not afraid of any skill changes.

Their armies are ready to put the world's worst villain in his place. But...
If only they could find him...
We had a once in a million chance in dark caves full of golems...
But there wasn't enough luck to go deeper in search of clues. Now Somebody is completely free to carry out his plan. A plan we know nothing about.
On the other hand, there's an old rumor in the tavern that this villain was once seen in the market. In a bookstore. Near the "Parallel Universes in Practice" bookshelf.
Oh, no!
Conjunction of the Spheres

This season is special, castles of both CW INT and CW3 worlds should fight like it's the last time!
On September 1, both worlds will be merged into one and the game will continue on the @chtwrsbot.

There will be 9 castles. The 7 CW INT castles will be joined by the two CW3 castles that ranked 1st and 2nd at the end of the season. 
The population of the remaining CW3 5 castles will reinforce the CW INT castles according to this scheme:
The population of the castle ranked #7 in CW3 moves to the castle ranked #3 in CW INT
The population of the castle ranked #6 in CW3 moves to the castle ranked #4 in CW INT
The population of the castle ranked #5 in CW3 moves to the castle ranked #5 in CW INT
The population of the castle ranked #4 in CW3 moves to the castle ranked #6 in CW INT
The population of the castle ranked #3 in CW3 moves to the castle ranked #7 in CW INT

Players who have heroes in both worlds will be able to use all heroes including other reborn heroes with the reborn system. 
Reborn cooldown reduced to 30 days (7 days with smuggler's help)
Guild TAGs collision or those that contain cyrillic characters will be reset and owners will be given the option to choose a new one.
Guild creation and purchase of short links for shops during this season are disabled to avoid squatting.
Exchange and auction will be closed for two weeks before conjuction of both worlds .
# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Moonlight 1.00 7 450
2 Wolfpack 2.00 7 339
3 Potato 3.07 6 751
4 Dragonscale 4.00 4 185
5 Sharkteeth 5.00 4 049
6 Deerhorn 6.21 1 392
7 Highnest 6.71 1 843

Saturns season

This season had the conjunction of spheres and two new castles joined CW2 (Rampart and Tortuga) the other CW3 castles were added to existing castltes, it took some time and ~mid of the season /worldtop was reseted and the "Offseason" ended

Conjugation of spheres is approaching ... still

Welcome to the off-season. The conjugation process takes a long time, so we'll have to wait a while. In the meantime, there's no point in starting a new season of fighting between 5, 7, 9 (or however many there are) kingdoms. 
So the castle points earned in the off-season can be considered not real. 
Day X will be announced shortly.
It looks like we've moved on!

The process wasn't easy, so there may be issues and errors. If you think there was an error in the move with your account, email the feedback bot. 

A few points:

1) The blacksmiths/alchemists shops with collisions (the user has shops on both servers) will move tomorrow

2) CW3 guild documents are in the owner's inventory.

3) In the near future (1-3 days) will set up all 9 lock chats in 3 languages. English, Spanish and Russian.  Until then, please remember that the main CW2 chats are in English. 

4) Auction and exchange will work in the morning. 

5) The mechanism of the Hotel is temporary. After some time we will disable it. Think about which character you want to play.
Leader Elections for CW2

Leader elections comes to @chtwrsbot!
A leader will receive rights to pin messages, change castle chat picture, advanced battle report, buff for one target for all players and one buff for newbies each battle. And crown👑 in the game bot! (of course)

Election rules are simple as the game is:
1) Open stage in the castle chat
Vote for your candidates, replying to their messages with /vote command. Each candidate must gain the support of 15 people.
2) Closed stage in the game bot
Use /vote command, and choose a candidate from the list.

1) Elections can be held every 20 days upon request.
2) Open stage duration – 48 hours (6 cw days)
3) Close stage duration – 24 hours (3 cw days)
4) Close stage will be started only if the castle have 2 candidates at least.
5) Open stage voting fee = 3 Pogs

The system is complicated, so we decided to first conduct test elections in one randomly picked castle - Potato.pngPotate Castle. After the test round, we will open elections in other castles. Please share your feedback 
# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Dragonscale 1.00 9 521
2 Moonlight 2.29 6 605
3 Deerhorn 3.14 5 601
4 Sharkteeth 3.57 5 279
5 Wolfpack 5,14 4 462
6 Rampart 6.14 4 131
7 Highnest 6.86 3 986
8 Potato 7.86 3 902
9 Tortuga 9.00 3 448
# Castle composition
1 Moon.png
2 Wolf.png
3 Potato.png + 🍁
4 Dragon.png + 🦇
5 Shark.png + 🍆
6 Deer.png + 🖤
7 Eagle.png + 🌹
8 ☘️
9 🐢

Jupiters season

Jupiter's season. No shocks this time. 

Only the nobels have once again taken to pulling creative maximalism by the ears into the simple and unsightly food of the visitors to their cookery shops. 
Outside, the rain mixes everything with everything, and the battles are more like mud fights than before.
But the newspapers write of miraculous helpers that almost anyone can afford, you just have to ...

First leader elections were held.

# Castle Flag Rank Trophys
1 Dragonscale 1.00 20 820
2 Moonlight 2.00 11 689
3 Deerhorn 3.36 7 578
4 Sharkteeth 4.07 7 073
5 Rampart 5.43 6 231
6 Wolfpack 5.43 5 545
7 Potato 6.86 5 558
8 Highnest 7.86 5 263
9 Tortuga 9.00 4 213