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With a game update of September 2020 new Advanced Alchemy mechanics were introduced, including new potions, merging, soaking, and disenchanting of equipment. The new potions or functions are available with the skill Alchemy at level 5 or higher.

The mechanics are divided in three different alchemy schools:

  • Apothecary school (Often identified by ApothecaryIcon.png icon)
  • Dreamweaving school (Often identified by DreamweavingIcon.png icon)
  • Blandleafurry school (Often identified by Sparkles.png icon)

Just like blacksmith gurus, alchemists can specialize in one of the three schools by brewing potions of the corresponding set of potions for the alchguru-choice. Unlocking guru reduces the costs for all actions/brews significantly. The mana costs for the new potions depends on how much progress a player had on the way to being an alch-guru. The table below shows the multipliers for the mana costs. E.g. with no progress for the alch-guru-specialization, you'll have the basic cost of 300 Mana.png for a health bottle multiplied by 6 -> 1800 Mana.png. A fully skilled alch-guru has the multiplier 1, in other words the mana costs are at the minimum now, a Bottle of Health would cost the basic and minimal 300 Mana.png. The reduced mana costs with progress in the the guru unlock reaches from 6 to 1. Also, the reduced costs only apply to the the alch-guru specialization that was picked. Brewing potions of the assigned school will increase the specialization. Alchemists can check the level of specialization with the command /skill_alm.

Guru Level

There are 5 different alchguru levels:

Mana cost
Number of advanced
potion brews required
no progress 6 - 1-8
no name 5 link={{{link}}} 9
Apprentice 4 link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}} 10-11
Confident 3 link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}} 12
Master 2 link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}} 13
Guru 1 link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}}link={{{link}}} 14

Apothecary School

Assigned potions: type Health (increasing HP gain for 30min), type Rejuvenation (increasing HP gain and mana gain for 30min), type Clarity (effects unknown as of 2021-02-08):

Dreamweaving School

Assigned potions: Stabilizers (increasing the time a skill lasts which was gotten from the corresponding Murky potion), Teamwork (increases chances to help guild mates with battle effect skills like Battle Cry or Collectors Sense), Duality (restores stat distribution from the secondary /mes class. E.g. A Collector/Knight could use Duality to get back to the 70 Attack.png / 30 Defend.png distribution of a knight - minus a bit of debuff, but overall increasing attack values by a lot)


Options for Blandleafurry gurus are not bound to specific brewed potions, but Blandleafurry gives access to new game mechanics: soaking gear with combat potions to increase the number of heals/poisons, interweaving gear to receive higher quality items or disenchant items to get back a few scrolls from the item, while the item itself is destroyed in the process.


Soaking one or more items from your inventory with remedy or poison gives an additional chance to heal yourself in battles or to poison other players with the gear instead of the equipped combat potion. In fact it increases the chance to heal or poison, simply spoken.


Apply potions to items:
 Soak the item in a poison
 Soak the item in a remedy
  • Soaking with poison: Can poison enemies in battles. Can poison additional players, independent from the possibly equipped Bottle of Poison poisoning combat potion effects, too.
  • Soaking with remedy: Can give additional heals for the player himself. It increases the own stats by the self-heal.

Example battle report with a remedy-soaked Eclipse:

Dinosaur.png [CW2]Batman Attack.png:268(+12) Defend.png:193(+9) Lvl: 37
Your result on the battlefield:
Experience.png Exp: 96
Gold.png Gold: 0
Heart.png Hp: -300
You were healed by Enchantment.png+4 Eclipse

Example battle report with a poison-soaked Nightfall Bow:

Dinosaur.png [CW2]Batman  Attack.png :582(+195) Defend.png:291 Lvl: 55
Your result on the battlefield:
Experience.png Exp: 503
Gold.png Gold: 171
Stock.png Stock: 57
Heart.pngHp: -327
Used: Compound arrow x 23
You applied poison to [CW1]Iron Man

Note: the poisoning from poison-soaked gear is shown in battle reports like regular combat potion type poison effects. There is currently no way to detect which piece of gear applied the effect in the end.


Interweave three items of same quality to get one with higher quality; e.g. interweave three A-quality Manticore Armors and receive one SE-quality Manticore armor for it. Interweaving costs Silver Dust, Pouches of Gold, Rubies, Magic Stones and Sapphires:

Interweave of  Manticore Armor Masterpiece -> Epic Fine
Will cost you XX Gold.png and resources:
40 x Sapphire
40 x Ruby
3 x Manticore Armor (Masterpiece)
4 x Magic stone
... and 3 Pog.png

If you have everything in your inventory and you confirm the process, you get a message:

Sparkles.png You can have your epic fine Manticore Armor, mate! Sparkles.png


Destroys the enchanted piece of gear and retrieve some scrolls back from the previously enchanted item.

To recover some enchantment scrolls while losing the item, cast one of the following spells:

Enchantment.png+3 Clarity Robe -> Book-green.pngScroll of Peace (2) /wss_XXX_det_uXXX 
It will cost a Pog.png and Silver dust(5) and XX Gold.png per recovered scroll, though.
Sparkles.png You can have your Book-green.pngScroll of Peace (2) Sparkles.png
Enchantment.png+1 0
Enchantment.png+2 1
Enchantment.png+3 2
Enchantment.png+4 2
Enchantment.png+5 3

Not every Blandleafurry Guru can disenchant any gear. The higher the Alchemy (Skill) level, the higher is the accepted tier for disenchantments: The following table shows which Alchemy (Skill) levels are needed for specific tiers.

Book-red.png Book-green.png Book-blue.png Bookorange.png Yellowpages.png
5 Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Error.png
6 Error.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png
7 Error.png Error.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png