Battle Cry

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The skill Battle Cry is an advanced skill for knights and unlocks at level 50. It has a chance to make another player crit in the battle. The critical hit is like the knight's Critical Hit skill and adds 50% of the player's attack for the attack.


In-game description: Maybe you are not the best singer, but you can yell loud enough to inspire allies on the battlefield. You can /use_cry to activate.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases the chance of success and the audience covered.

Using /use_cry provides a temporary buff Battle cry preparation for the knight.

Level Effect Duration Duration Increased
1 480min 0
2 ???min ??


Player 1 - a knight - from Dinosaur.png castle attacks Butterfly.png Butterfly castle. Before the battle he uses /use_cry. Player 2 - class variable at will - attacking Butterfly.png Butterfly Castle, has 200 Attack.png Attack and gets the battle cry buff for his attack values. Player 2's attack value is 150% of the normal total attack value, so he attacks with 300 Attack.png Attack.

Skill caps[edit]


This skill stacks with ranger's aiming. Does not stack with knight's critical strike (either perform a critical strike or receive a battle cry effect from another knight).