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The game update of September 28th, 2020 brought an update to the alchemist class.


🧙🏽‍♂️The way of Blandleafs

Little do we know about the final destination of the aforementioned noble man, but what we do know is what porters were in charge of his luggage. And for our great pleasure one of those porters has a photographic memory and pried into Blandleafs notes.  Thank Gods of Seven Kingdoms that our espionage discipline developed in such a way, that even a mere porter from time to time is both intelligence and counterintelligence agent, depending on who would pay more. Being such a smart cookie, our guy decided to earn some fortune by using obtained KNOWLEDGE  in his own secret lab. What a mistake. Among remains of his 'secret lab' we found something interesting:

... According to Blandleafs belief, there are three main alchemy schools, such as apothecary, dreamweaving and his own personal blandleafury school.
... Advanced alchemy requires personal treatment. One should carefully examine their customer, discuss current weather and other extremely important universal aspects. During this process alchemist fine tunes his technique to brew something that exactly  matches customer needs. On the plus side, customer is happy to get such powerful cookery, but there is a catch.  Anyone else is unlikely to tolerate this concoction, so there is no point even trying to sell it at the market.
... Alchemist even proposes to soak equipment and weapon in large jars, like some kind of pickle. That sounds like a delusion of an old man, but who are we to judge?

We are all in deep grief about that young (or maybe old, who cares?) man who couldn't make it, but there were more porters, so there is always a chance to recover some more knowledge.

New herbs