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The skill Collectors Sense is an advanced skill for collectors and unlocks at level 50. This skill can be used once a day and enables other players to steal items from the misc or crafting category (potions, parts, recipes) during the battle.


In-game description: Sharing your wisdom helps allies to find useful items in battles. Use /use_crl to activate.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases the possible number of allies, elightened by your wisdom.

Using /use_crl provides a temporary buff Find items preparation for the collector.

Level Effect Duration No. of Players Affected
1 480min(8h) 1
2 480min(8h) 2
3 480min(8h) 3
4 480min(8h) ?
5 480min(8h) ?
6 480min(8h) ?

A player only can use the skill once per 24 hours, so be sure to attack when you activate the skill.

If this buff is active during the battle, a random other player that is attacking the same target castle can steal items from players of the breached castle. Possible items are potions, Piece of Equipment and Recipe (Item).

The collector's battle report will have the note:

You helped Ironman to find Potion of Rage hidden by Batman

Skill caps