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As of May 6th, 2018, guilds are part of ChatWars. A guild is a group of players from the same castle, sharing a collective stock and are meant for collaborative crafting. To be eligible for guild creation or guild invites, players must be of at least level 15 and be in one of the basic classes. There is an additional requirement for guild invites: player must be in same castle as the guild.

Guild Creation[edit]

To create a guild, a single player needs 3000 Gold.png Gold. The player must not be in another guild. The command /guildcreate is used to create a guild. The 3000 Gold.png is paid and the player can choose a name for the guild. The newly-created guild is level 1 and has 0 Glory.png Glory. Alongside the guild creator, two additional players can be invited to the guild. Invited players can accept the invitation by using /join.

Guild Joining/Leaving[edit]

-Work In Progress-
Coming Soon...

Guild Levels[edit]

The following table shows the requirements for reaching the guild levels, and the new features unlocked.

Level Players allowed Upgrade: Glory Upgrade: Items Notes/Features unlocked
1 3 - - Guild warehouse (deposition for guild upgrade only)
2 6 - Glory gain for successful actions
3 9 600 The commands /g_atklist and /g_deflist are unlocked for guild members.

The member list shows the current state of each member.

4 12 1500 A guild tag can be chosen using /g_tag {tag} and is visible in /guildtop (shown in front of all the member's names).

Players can search the info of particular L4+ guild by entering /guild {guildtag}.

Members can now view the guild warehouse by using /g_stock.

5 15 2400 Guild lobby welcome message can be set using /g_lobby {text}, and is visible in /guild {tag}.

Guild common resource sharing now available by using /g_withdraw {item code} {qty} to withdraw from warehouse (Guild Commander only).

Guild members have to use /g_receive {code} to confirm their retrieval of items. This command is issued to, and given out by Guild Commander.

Reaching Lvl5 also enables members to participate in the games guild wars feature. This opens up the following commands:

  • /g_att <Guildtag> - Attack some specified guild during next battle time instead of attacking a castle
  • /g_def <Guildtag> - Defend some specified guild during next battle time instead of castle
  • /g_report - get a battle report for your guild, in case there was some guild wars action last battle.
6 18 4000 2 new roles Bartender, allowed to give potions and Squire, allowed to give crafting materials. 3rd role - Treasurer, allowed to hire Strategist or Jaeger available.
7 20 8000

Guild Member List Overview[edit]

Upon level three, the member list of the guild shows the class and the Character#State.

Class Icons[edit]

Emoticon Class
Chick.png Lv15+ basic class player NOTE: will NOT gain Glory Points during attack or defense only by protecting village from foray
Attack.png Knight
Defend.png Sentinel
Ranger.png Ranger
Alchemy.png Alchemist
Workshop.png Blacksmith
Stock.png Collector

Player State Icons[edit]

Emoticon State
Rest.png rest
Attack.png Attacking castle (or guild if the guild is level 5+)
Defend.png Defending castle (or guild if the guild is level 5+)
Forest.png Forest quest
Swamp.png Swamp quest
Valley.png Valley quest
Foray.png Foray quest
Arena.png Arena fight
MagGlass.png Arena searching opponent
Tavern.png Tavern drinking
Dice.png Tavern playing dice
Workshop.png open Blacksmith Shop
Alchemy.png open Alchemist Shop
Zzz.png Player is considered inactive (after a couple of days of no action in the game)

Guild Roles[edit]

There are different roles in a guild, each with a different purpose. Note: Currently there are 4 roles. New roles may come in the future.

Roles Purpose Description
Commander Guild leader ??
Bartender Manage potions in guild stock ??
Squire Manage any other guild stock except potions ??
Treasurer ?? ??

Resource Sharing[edit]

When a guild reaches level 5, common resource sharing is unlocked in the guild. All guild members can deposit any items into the guild warehouse. Withdrawal can be done as long as the guild commander is present. If a bartender or squire have been appointed, they may withdraw items for guild members as well. This includes weapon, armor, enchantment, consumable, resource, herb, recipe, and pouches of gold.

The guild warehouse is separated into different stock categories: resources, alchemist herbs, misc, recipes, parts and others.

Guild members can use the /g_stock command to get a list of commands for viewing the different stocks. The following message will appear.

Grouped by:
/g_stock_res - resources
/g_stock_alch - alchemist herbs
/g_stock_misc - miscellaneous stuff
/g_stock_rec - items recipes
/g_stock_parts - items parts
/g_stock_other - everything else

The specific commands above have to be used to view the different categories of stock in the guild warehouse.


There is no difference in the deposition process. Guild members will still have to use the /g_deposit {item code} {qty} command to deposit the items.

Refer to Master List of Item Codes to find out the item code of all items.

As of Game updates/2018-07-11, the only items that can still be deposited are the ones that can be sold in the Exchange and Auction.

NOTE: Upon the release of Pet system, they have disabled guild storage deposit for pouch of gold


Stock withdrawal feature is now unlocked for guild level 5. To do so, the guild commander has to use the /g_withdraw {item code} {qty} command. The game will then reply with a command for receiving of item.

Example of the message from game:

Withdrawing Hunter Gloves x 1. Recipient shall send to bot:
/g_receive bc7ugqnqqm6ju7mv4gm3
  • Withdrawing for Guild Commander
- The Guild Commander can simply forward the message received to the game bot.
  • Withdrawing for Guild Member
- The Guild Commander has to forward the message to guild member. Guild member will then forward the message to the game bot.

After forwarding the message to the game bot, irrelevant of whether the player copies out (/g_receive {code}) command, item will be transferred to the person's storage.

Refer to Master List of Item Codes to find out the item code of all items.


Leadership Transfer[edit]

As of June 16th, 2018, it is now possible to transfer the guild leader role to another guild member. This can be done by using /g_leader {uid} command. Upon entering the command, the following message will appear.

The leader change for the guild of your level will cost 1234 Gem.png and 9999 Glory.png
To confirm, press /g_leader_change_confirm

The cost for changing leader varies according to the guild leavel. Refer to the table shown below.

Guild Level Cost for changing Notes
  • 11 Gem.png Gems
  • 110 Glory.png Glory
Bug, as glory gain is not possible for guild level 1.
  • 13 Gem.png Gems
  • 130 Glory.png Glory
  • 17 Gem.png Gems
  • 170 Glory.png Glory
  • 19 Gem.png Gems
  • 190 Glory.png Glory
  • 23 Gem.png Gems
  • 230 Glory.png Glory
  •  ?? Gem.png Gems
  •  ?? Glory.png Glory
  • 31 Gem.png Gems
  • 310 Glory.png Glory

Note: The elder might change when the leader changes. Elder is linked to the guild leader.

Note(2): There is 1 week cool-down after successful leadership change.

Player Castle Transfer[edit]

It is not possible for players to change castle while they are currently in guild. To change castle, players have to leave their guild.

Note: It is not possible to join a guild of other castles.

For player castle transfer for entire guild, refer to Guild Castle Transfer below.

Guild Castle Transfer[edit]

As of June 23th, 2018 hidden update, it is now possible to transfer guild and its members to other castle. To transfer to other castle, the guild must be at least level 3 and Guild Commander has to use the /g_castletransfer {castle} command. The following example message will then appear.

The transfer price would be:
 - 135 Gem.png for members
 - 500 Gem.png for the guild of your level.
Total: 635 Gem.png

Type /g_castletransferconfirm catpaws again to confirm.

To confirm the transfer, Guild Commander has to use the /g_castletransferconfirm {castle} command. The transfer price varies according to the guild level, number of members, and passport price. Refer to the respective sections below to find out the cost for members and guild. Do remember to add the cost from both section to get the final total cost.

Note: It is not currently known, whether guild castle transfer is a one-time feature, or whether there's any cool-down period.

Note(2): We have no confirmation/idea on the payee of the guild castle transfer. Is it guild commander only, or all guild members who will be paying?

Price Table for Guild Levels[edit]

The following table shows the price for the different guild level. Total cost for guild castle transfer will require the price from this section and the next section.

Price for Different Guild Levels
Guild Level Cost for transfer Notes
3 300 Gem.png Gems Confirmed
4 400 Gem.png Gems Confirmed
5 500 Gem.png Gems Confirmed
6 600 Gem.png Gems Confirmed
7 700 Gem.png Gems Confirmed

Price Table for Members[edit]

The price for each member is an estimate 10.45% decrease from passport price, and rounded off to nearest whole number.

Formula: Price per member = (89.55% x Passport Price) round off

Passport price maximum value is 84 Gem.png Gems, minimum value is 10 Gem.png Gems. Therefore, per member price for guild castle transfer will always be 75 Gem.png Gems for strongest castle, and 9 Gem.png Gems for weakest castle.

Prices for each castle will change frequently. The following table is just an example. To find the latest castle change member price, go to tavern to check passport price and calculate according to the formula above. Alternatively, ask your guild commander to use the /g_castletransfer {castle} command to find out the total price.

Sample Price Per Member
Castle Passport Price Cost Per Member Notes
Potato 84 Gem.png Gems 75 Gem.png Gems Highest cap
Wolfpack 79 Gem.png Gems: 71 Gem.png Gems
Dragonscale 66 Gem.png Gems 59 Gem.png Gems
Sharkteeth 74 Gem.png Gems 66 Gem.png Gems
Highnest 70 Gem.png Gems 63 Gem.png Gems
Deerhorn 46 Gem.png Gems 41 Gem.png Gems
Moonlight 10 Gem.png Gems 09 Gem.png Gems Lowest cap

Calculating Total Cost[edit]

The total cost for guild castle transfer consists of 2 parts: cost for guild, and cost per member. These cost can be derived based on the info given in sections above.

Once the cost are calculated. Add them together to get the total cost for guild castle transfer.

Formula: Guild Castle Transfer cost = cost for guild + (cost per member x number of member)

For example, a Wolfpack guild level 5 (with 15 members) wants to transfer to Sharkteeth castle. The cost is as shown below.

Guild Castle Transfer cost = 500 + (71 x 15) = 1565 Gem.png Gems

Note: We have no confirmation/idea on the payee of the guild castle transfer. Is it guild commander only, or all guild members who will be paying?

Guild Management Commands[edit]

The list of commands are available to members of the guild only. Availability of the commands vary according to the guild level. To view the list of commands, use /g_help command.

Command Function Min. Guild Level Availablity
/g_atklist to view guild atk stat 3 everyone
/g_castletransfer {castle} to transfer guild to another castle^# 3 Guild Commander
/g_deflist to view guild def stat 3 everyone
/g_deposit {item code} {qty} to deposit items to guild 1 everyone
/g_invite {uid} for invite user to guild 1 Guild Commander
/g_kick {uid} for kick user from guild 1 Guild Commander
/g_leader {uid} to change guild leader^# 1 Guild Commander
/g_leave to leave guild^# 1 everyone
/g_levelup to level guild up^# 1 Guild Commander
/g_list to view members 1 everyone
/g_lobby {text} to set lobby welcome message 5 Guild Commander
/g_roles to view roles of your guild 1 everyone
/g_stock to view stock commands^# 1, 4 Guild Commander (1), members (4)
/g_tag {tag} to set guild tag 4 Guild Commander
/g_withdraw {item code} {qty} to withdraw resources^# 5 Guild Commander
/g_assign {uid} {role} to assign role 6 Guild Commander
/g_demote {uid} to remove assigned role 6 Guild Commander

^# indicates that there are related commands in next section below

Other Guild Commands[edit]

The following commands are related to guild, but are not listed in /g_help. They may or may not be available to non-guild players.

Command Function Min. Guild Level Availablity
/guildcreate to create a guild 0 non-guild members
/guildtop to view list of top 10 guilds (and own guild ranking) 0 everyone
/guild {tag} to search for guild using guild tag 0 everyone
/g_castletransferconfirm {castle} to confirm guild castle transfer

Related command: /g_castletransfer {castle}

3 Guild Commander
/g_help to view list of guild management commands 1 All Guild Members
/g_leader_change_confirm to confirm leader change

Related command: /g_leader {uid}

1 Guild Commander
/g_leaveconfirmation to confirm leaving guild

Related command: /g_leave

1 All Guild Members
/g_levelupproceed to proceed guild level up

Related command: /g_levelup

1 Guild Commander
/g_receive {code} to confirm withdrawing of resources

Related command: /g_withdraw {item code} {qty}

5 All Guild Members
/g_stock_res to view stock (resources)

Related command: /g_stock

1, 4 Guild Commander (1), members (4)
/g_stock_alch to view stock (alchemist herbs)

Related command: /g_stock

1, 4 Guild Commander (1), members (4)
/g_stock_misc to view stock (misc. stuff)

Related command: /g_stock

1, 4 Guild Commander (1), members (4)
/g_stock_other to view stock (others)

Related command: /g_stock

1, 4 Guild Commander (1), members (4)
/join to join an invited guild

Related command: /g_invite {uid}

0 non-guild members
/top7 to view most glory earned in duels 0 everyone