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The Elder's Recommendation is an item needed to level up a guild to level 5. The item code for this item is er.


The elders are other players of the game, chosen by the devs to be elders. Once a guild reaches level 4, the guild commander has to write the text "Elder's Recommendation" in their main castle chat. Once this is done, the Captain Arthur bot (@ChatWarsArthurBot) answers with this message:

Well, well... Looks like you need the Elder to guide you on the path of a true leader. Try to find eldestElder from Butterfly.pngButterfly Castle.

The following task is to find and contact this elder. Once the guild commander contacted them, the elder will give them a riddle or puzzle to solve before giving them the final task.

Do note: The chosen elder is linked to the current guild commander. This means that the elder might be different if a guild commander change has taken place. The new guild commander will have to repeat the process again, to confirm whether the required elder has changed.

Trivial note: Guild leader of guild level 5+ is able to find out who their leader is, by typing Elder? in main castle chat. Currently, for guild level 5+, there is no known purpose for the elder.

The Elder's task[edit]

The final task is to find the earlooms of a specific castle. The amount that is needed varies and the castle from which they are gathered is randomly chosen from one of their allied castles ( Moon.pngMoonlight Castle seems to be exempted from this). For each guild member who successfully attacked the required castle, one earloom is awarded to the guild warehouse. To view the stock, the command /g_stock_misc can be used. Once the required number of earlooms is reached, the guild commander has to report back to the Elder. The Elder will then give them the Elder's Recommendation, which the guild requires for leveling.

More Elders[edit]

On 2018-July-01, the game invited the existing level 5 guild leaders to be elders. Those who accepted will be invited to the "Hall of Elders" telegram group. Elders will no longer be just the few pre-chosen players, it will now consists of level 5+ guild leaders.

The following is the message sent by the game to the guild leaders. The command has been censored to prevent abuse.

Now you can enter to Hall of Elders