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The Tavern.png Tavern is a service located in the Castle.png Castle, that is only open during the times of day Times-evening.png evening and Times-night.png night. The tavern is the place to get pieces of information from strangers or following the call of gambling and playing dice against other players. This is also the place, where a player can talk to a stranger to change his castle allegiance.

Dice.png Play some dice

Playing dice against other players is a purely luck-based game and costs 10 Gold.png to start. The winner of the game gets 20 Gold.png as reward, while the loser lost his 10 Gold.png to the winner. For both players, two dices are thrown, the player with the higher count wins. The player has no influence on the outcome of this game. If no other player can be found after ten minutes, the game times out.

An example round of playing dice is the following:

You sat down waiting for other players. If you won't find anyone, you'll leave in 5 minutes.
Superman from Butterfly.png Butterfly Castle sat down next to you. Good luck both of you!
Dice.png You threw the dice on the table:
Dinosaur.png Batman: Die6.png + Die5.png (11) Butterfly.png Superman: Die3.png + Die6.png (9)
Dinosaur.png Batman won! - he takes 20 Gold.png

Tavern.png Take a pint

You took a pint of cold ale. Now you can sit down and listen to what people have to say. You will finish your drink in 5 minutes.

This action costs 3 Gold.png. The social event of drinking beer in the tavern may lead to some information snippets about recipes or recipes for potions:

In the tavern you found someone playing a game of bridge. Naturally being an addict, you decided to join them. On the back of a card you found a scribble saying that you need 2 of Assassin Vine to craft Bottle of Rage. Sadly, it was your turn, so you had to play that card.

Or give information about the currently strongest or richest castle:

Whilst enjoying your pint of a brand new ale, you've heard a rumour about the strongest army in the world. A drunk bard sitting next to you mentioned that this army bears banners of Dinosaur.png Dinosaur Castle.
In the tavern, you heard a rumour that the richest castle currently is Butterfly.png Butterfly Castle

but the drinking may also end in nothing but wasted time:

Tonight you let yourself go and got absolutely smashed. At home you were greeted by your bed and a hangover.

Spy.png Talk with stranger

Talking with a stranger in the tavern is the way to go if a player wants to change his castle. The stranger sells passports to the other six castles, prices depending on ranking of the castle. The price is payed in Gem.png Gems. The castle can be changed only once a week.

The player can also choose a Booze option if they have not reborned yet:

 Wow, you came here to change something about yourself?
 And you want for me to sell you this "something"? Are you out of your mind, pal? Who sent you here? Everyone's saying stuff about me, but I'm not like that. No, no. 
 So if you're asking me, I want you to know. If you wanna change something about yourself, just sit down in a quiet place, leave out all the rest, concentrate and meditate /mem. 
 Should help, if you still have what it takes to meditate after all those battles.

If the player has reborn and currently has the New life enthusiasm cooldown, the Booze option gives them the opportunity to remove the cooldown at the cost of about two gems per day remaining from the cooldown:

 Wow, you again. Still after something special? Don't tell me that siting in a dark corner and crying at nights doesn't help you anymore. 
 Alright, alright, I have something for you, some special stuff. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Mesmemorized potion. Want it? 
 Take it or leave it, in the end it doesn't even matter.
 Hourglass.png New life enthusiasm 53d2h37m
 Buy mesmemorized potion to decrease cooldown by 53d for 107 Gem.png gems