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The Exchange.png Exchange is the trading system for resources, but not all resources can be traded there, some are bound to the player. Payments are processes with gold. This system requires the player to be at least level 10 before they can access and utilize it.

Exchange system

Searching for resources and their current costs can be done with: /t_{ItemId}. Example: /t_01 searches for Thread. Alternatively, /t {search term} yields the same results. The bot returns an output like the following:

Thread offers now:
430 pcs for 12 Gold.png
96 pcs for 13 Gold.png
919 pcs for 14 Gold.pngBuy:
Buy 1: /wtb_01
Buy 5: /wtb_01_5
You have 3 ThreadSell:
Sell 1 quickly: /wts_01
Sell 5 quickly: /wts_01_5
Sell 10 for 12 Gold.png each: /wts_01_10_12

The concept of selling is using the code system /wts_{ItemID}_{Amount}_{Price} as seen in the example above. Resources can only be bought for the lowest price currently offered, so the commands use only two options: /wtb_{ItemId]}_{Amount}. Selling resources puts the resources out of the player's stock on the market until a player buys the resources or the trade is cancelled. The highest price that can be set is 1000 (updated to 2500 on 4 August 2020) Gold.png.

This system is often used to hide stock before the Battle of the Seven Castles, by putting up trades of stock for 1000 Gold.png, way above the current prices on the market. After the battle, the trade can be cancelled and no stock is lost.

Exchange slots

The amount of trades that a player can have depends on the level and their level of the skill Broker. A player starts with two slots at level 10 and gains one until reaching level 25 for a total of five. Each skillpoint in Broker adds +1 to the maximum slots available for trades.