Short Spear

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The Short Spear is a Weapon of the type Spear.


An iron blade is forged in an arrow shape, before a 4 foot shaft is notched, and the arrow is inserted. Then, tightened with thread and tied off, the makeshift spear is ready for combat. Regarded as the small sibling to the normal Long Spear, its still a devastating ranged weapon, to the unshielded swordsman.


Properties of Short Spear
Identifier code w08
Type Weapon, Spear, T0 (No Expertise)
Weight 180
Depositable in Guild (needed Wrapping) yes (1)
Event item no
Craftable no
Tradeable (Auction) no
Shop prices (buy / sell) 55link={{{link}}} / 16link={{{link}}}
Attribute Value
Attack +3 link={{{link}}}
Defense +1 link={{{link}}}
Mana +0 link={{{link}}}
Skill Spear Mastery
Level Requirement 0
Enchantment Slot no