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Adviser are a game mechanic for guilds that were added with the March 11th, 2019 game update. Level 6 or higher guilds can hire an adviser who gives unique buffs to the guild members in exchange for a daily payment in gold. Advisers can die due to various reasons. There are 3 different types of advisers in the game: Jaegers, giving bonus loot and gold from quests, Strategists, giving bonus to stats, and Scouts.

Blog announcement

 Squire, attend me!
And the tales of our great wars have finally reached distant lands 
And them heroes embarked on their journey towards our seven kingdoms seeking gold and glory
And we made them an employment center to be able to find suitable job and not to die of starvation
And they will help you to succeed in your deeds
And the list of heroes is updated daily
And one should carefully pick and be the first to hire those whose price is fair
And as advisors are mere mortals, they can perish of various causes
And i'm tired of writing this way further...
So, the required guild level is 6 or higher, with Treasurer role assigned. Everything else is up to you to discover. For now, only two types of advisors are available, amount hired is limited by 1 for now as well.

General game mechanics


Either the guild leader or the player with the role "Treasurer" in the guild can hire an adviser, but without assigning the Treasurer role to a player of the guild, no adviser can be hired. A list of advisers can be seen with the command /advlist. New advisers are brought into the game 15 minutes after each Battle. An example of this looks like:

Advisers available for hire today is:
/adv_Hkl9 King Raiimond of the Killingsong, the lvl.3 Jaeger Gold.png 3075
/adv_22ta Archbishop Norman of the Swiftbrawlers, the lvl.3 Jaeger Gold.png 3000
/adv_DpGc Cardinal Acot of the Highsmiths, the lvl.2 Strategist Gold.png 1500
/adv_fVmU Sir Herman of the Swift Wolves, the lvl.2 Strategist Gold.png 1600

Hiring works by sending /hire CODE to the bot, e.g. /g_hire fVmU. Then the listed gold is directly payed by the player (Treasurer or guild leader) and the adviser is assigned to a guild.


The adviser comes with a predefined level and cannot be leveled up. The levels of the adviser determines the strength of the specific bonuses. Also the price of the adviser is heavily influenced by the level. Currently there only seems to be three levels, where level 1 is the weakest among them.

Stat development

The first real world day, the adviser does not give any bonus. After that, the bonus will increase until the listed maximum when hiring. The adviser will apply a buff to the guild members for 24hours timeframes, as long as he is payed.


The jaeger gives players in the guild a buff Jaeger tips Timer.png 12h54m. Current research state is that on the second day, 33% of the players get the buff, on the third day 50% and on the fourth day the whole guild has the buff. The buff increases the maximum possible loot from quests and the maximum possible gold from quest. It specifically does not guarantee this bonus to each quest.


The strategist gives a bonus to attack and defense of the players. The bonus on the second day will be lower than what he was hired for, but the bonus will increase each day. Noteworthy here is, that the adviser always shows the buff he will give in the next 24hour timeframe. So the shown buff might be lower or higher than the currently applied buff.


The scout can increase the chance of meeting monsters in quest and lower their level.


Known possible reasons for death:

  • Random event in the game, can happen at all times without any specific reason
  • Can be killed in succesful attacks on the guild