Sharkteeth Castle

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Sharkteeth Castle is one of the seven castles. Sharks and the sharkteeth castle are displayed with the emoji Shark.png


During the early days Sharkteeth castle was 7th place castle, a somewhat empty castle with a heavy gambling problems.

Until Sharks realised around 2552 🏆 points, that there was a untapped source of gold for them to plunder. Many battles later, step by step, battle by battle, they defended and spend, pillaged and plundered...

Until they became the strongest castle at that time.

With the help of Wolf and Dragon, Shark not only gained gold but also reached the nr1 position at 6396 🏆 points [1].

Soon after leaving all other castles behind with a 2k 🏆 points difference.


Sharkteeth castle's current main food source is Deerhorn, Highnest and Potato Castle.

KelThuzad, king of Sharkteeth is also know for his love for chocolate. [2]

Shark channels

Sweet Naxxramas - KelThuzad his Captain's Log

The Deep Blue - Sharkteeth castles News channel

Battle cry

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