Guild Alliance

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Guild Alliance

The Guild Alliance feature unlocks when a guild reaches level 5. This allows multiple guilds from same and different castles to join an alliance.

The cost of creating and joining a guild alliance depends on the guild level that is doing it. Cost derives from the maximum member capacity of the guild that is creating/joining the alliance. For a level 5 guild, it will cost 15 Pog.pngpog. Check out the guild levels section to view guild capacity information.

Create, Join, Leave, Kick

Creating An Alliance

To create an alliance, the guild leader has to issue the /ga_create command. Pouch of Gold will be deducted from the guild leader upon using the command. A random name will be given for the alliance, however the alliance creator can change the name at a later time by using /ga_rename command (may require some form of payment).

 Alliance created. Welcome to 🤝Wildlife Kingdom.
 🤝Wildlife Kingdom 
 Guilds: 1 Guild.png3
 Owner: Butterfly.png[A51]ALPHABET 1234321
 Objectives: 0
 State: Inactive
   Pog.png0 Gold.png0 
   Stock.pngStock: 0
   Glory.pngGlory: 0

Joining An Alliance

To join an alliance, the guild leader has to issue the /ga_join {alliance secret} command. The alliance secret is an alliance unique ID which is only given to the alliance creator Citation needed. Pouch of Gold will be deducted from the guild leader upon using the command.

Leaving An Alliance

Coming Soon

Kicking Guild From Alliance

To kick a guild from alliance, the alliance creator has to issue the /ga_kick {guild tag} command. The guild will then be kicked from alliance.

 Guild ALPHABET 1234321 kicked from Wildlife Kingdom

Note: It is possible to kick alliance creator's guild from alliance, if it is the only guild remaining.

View, Attack, Defend

View Alliance

Viewing of alliance information is only available to players who are in an allliance. To do that, use the command /ga_view {alliance secret}.

 🤝Outer Space 
 Guilds: 3 Guild.png32
 Owner: Dinosaur.png[SUN]Flame Ball
 Objectives: 0
 State: Active
   Pog.png345 Gold.png69
   Stock.pngStock: 0
   Glory.pngGlory: 0

The roster of the alliance can only be viewed by it's members.

 Butterfly.png[A51]ALPHABET 1234321
 Dragon.png[BD]Bad Dragons

Attack Objective

Coming Soon

Defend Objective

Coming Soon


The state of an alliance is inactive by upon creation. An alliance cannot attack or defend an objective if its state is inactive.

To set the state as active, there must be Pog.pngPouch of Gold or Gold.pngGold balance remaining in the alliance. The balance will be continuosly deducting till there's none remaining, and the alliance will be set to inactive state again.

To deposit Pog.pngPouch of Gold into the alliance balance, use the command /ga_deposit {pog amount}. Gold cannot be deposit. The Gold.pnggold shown in the balance is meant to show decimals of Pog.pngPouch of Gold (1 = 100gold). A message will be displayed as shown below.

 Your deposit was accepted.

Every hour, the alliance balance will be reduced by a certain number based on the formula below.

 Hourly Balance Reduction = [Number of guilds in alliance] * [Total number of members in alliance] * 0.1 (in gold)


To view headquarters owned by the alliance, the /ga_map command can be used. This will show the state and code of the alliance's headquarters.

 🤝 Your alliance.
 Butterfly.png Forest.pngALPHABET 1234321
 State: inactive. Code: 2BU4G7.

Note: The code can be discovered by enemy through quests.

 You found hidden headquarter Outer Space
 То remember the route you associated it with simple combination: #####

Guild Alliance Commands

This list of commands are shown in when a guild is in alliance, and are available to members of the guild alliance only. Availability of the commands varies.

Command Function Availablity Notes
/ga_create create new alliance Guild Commander Deducts some Pog.pngpogs IMMEDIATELY and creates new alliance
/ga_join_{alliance secret} join to existing alliance Guild Commander -
/ga_view {alliance secret} view alliance information Alliance members (?) -
/ga_atk {alliance secret} attack objective Alliance members (?) (UNCONFIRMED)
/ga_def {alliance secret} defend objective Alliance members (?) (UNCONFIRMED)
/ga_deposit {pog amount} replenish balance Alliance members (?) Deposit pogs into alliance balance
/ga_our_report get alliance battle report Alliance members (?) -
/ga_map view alliance objectives Alliance members (?) -
/ga_kick {guild tag} kick guild from alliance Alliance creator (?) -
/ga_rename {new name} rename alliance Alliance creator (?) (UNCONFIRMED) Might need some sort of payment