Long Life

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The skill Long Life is a skill for alchemists and is available upon level 22. It increases the maximum stamina.


In-game description: In search for an ultimate elixir of eternal life, you managed to at least extend your endurance on expeditions and quests.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases maximum stamina limit.

Long life increases the Stamina.pngstamina by 2 points per level.

However, at Long Life skill level 7, the Stamina.pngstamina is increased by 3 points.

Skill caps

Skill Level Earliest possible Level
1 Level 22
2 Level 30
3 Level 32
4 Level 38
5 Level 40
6 Level 44
7 Level 46


Long Life does not give you extra stamina points when you put a skill in it - it only increases maximum stamina.

Long Life capped at Level 7.