Rare Mutation

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The skill Rare Mutation is a skill for all esquire classes and is available upon level 20. It prolongs the time of potion effects.


In-game description: You were trained for this since you were a little kid. They were feeding you strange mushrooms and herbs. Now you can drink potions that would otherwise be poisonous as if they were water. But as a result, you are sterile.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases the duration effect of the potions.

Rare Mutation increases the duration of potion effects by a certain duration per level.

Level Potion Effect Duration Increased
0 30min 0
1 35min 5min
2 39min 4min
3 42min 3min
4 45min 3min
5 48min 3min

Skill caps[edit]



Rare Mutation was originally called "Brewmaster" which still reflects in the command to learn it (/learn_brm) and to see the skill description (/skill_brm) in game.