Combat Potion Mastery

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The skill Combat Potion Mastery is a skill for alchemists and is available upon level 20. It increases defense stats equipping Bottle of Remedy or attack stats equipping Bottle of Poison in the Off Hand Weapon slot and increases chance to apply those to enemies or allies.


In-game description: Even quiet, undistinguished scientists have to participate in warfare. Such practices allow you to make combat use of your potions - poison foes, heal friends, enhance yourself.


In-game effect description: Advancing this skill increases bonus stats from Remedy and Poison bottles. It also increases chance to poison an enemy or heal an ally.

Combat Potion Mastery increases the base attack stat (equipped Bottle of Poison) and the base defense stat (equipped Bottle of Remedy) by 5% per skill level.

An alchemist equipped with the appropriate bottle has a chance of healing an ally, or poisoning an enemy, regardless of whether they are attacking or defending. This does not apply if the alchemist does not participate in the battle. Healing/poisoning does not occur in the arena.

Healing an ally increases their stats by 5% (unconfirmed), and poisoning an enemy decreases their stats by 5% (unconfirmed). Healing a poisoned ally reverses the poison effect, and poisoning a healed enemy negates the healing effect.

1-2 bottles are consumed after every battle. Fighting in the arena with either bottle equipped consumes 1 bottle.

Skill caps[edit]


Exact values of increase in hit chance of allies/enemies not known