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Advanced Crafting is the title of the implementation of superior crafting items in the game with the April 3, 2018 update. The term is used for the possibility of crafting equipment (Protective Gear, Weapons) with the expertise Level 2 ( Book-green.png ). This expertise level is available upon reaching level 25. Crafting this advanced equipment requires the skill Crafting (Skill) at level 3, locking it for all other players than blacksmiths with level 24 or higher.

New items

All of the following items/sets can be crafted in blacksmith's shops or bought via auctions. Furthermore, this new equipment uses the Enchantment.png Enchantment process with the green scrolls: Book-green.pngScroll of Rage (Green) and Book-green.pngScroll of Peace (Green).


Weapon type Name
Sword Champion Sword
Dagger Hunter Dagger
Spear Trident
Shield Order Shield
Bow Hunter Bow
Blunt War Hammer

Protective gear

Advanced crafting introduced a specialization of the protective gear. While every protective gear bought from the Castle Shop is of the type normal, the new gear distinguishes between three sorts of gear types:

Type Corresponding Skill Mastery Classes with the Mastery Name of gear set Effects
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor Mastery Sentinel Order Armor Set Bonus Defense Attributes Defend.png
Robe Armor Robe Armor Mastery Blacksmith, Alchemist Clarity Armor Set Gear with bonus Mana Mana.png
Light Armor Light Armor Mastery Knight, Ranger, Collector Hunter Armor Set Bonus Attack Attribute Attack.png