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In chatwars, there are three different currencies available: Gold.pngGold, Pog.pngPouch of Gold and Gem.pngGems. The first two currencies can be obtained with gameplay, the latter is bought with real world money.

Use of currencies


Gold is the most basic currency in the game. With gold, new equipment can be bought from the shop and the exchange for the trade of resources is payed in gold. Esquire classes use gold to craft items, masters have this replaced with the use of Mana.pngMana instead. Entering the Arena.pngArena costs Gold.png5 per fight.

Pouches of Gold

A Pouch of Gold can be crafted at the Workshop.pngWorkshop for 120 Gold.png, 12 Thread and 2 Leather. Pouches of gold can be opened (listed in the inventory /inv under the subcategory Misc.pngMisc). Opening a pouch gives 100 Gold.png to the player. This can be used either to save gold before battles, but pouches are the currency used for auctions and all items traded with auctions have to be payed in pouches. Pouches of gold can not be lost during Battle of the Seven Castles. Obviously, the value of a pouch of gold could be set to 100 Gold.png, but since the crafting uses Thread and Leather, the real value of a pouch can differ greatly.


Gems can not be gained by ingame activities, they can only be bought for real money. Several ingame actions require gems:

  • Changing the player's name more than 3 times (sending /name to the game bot)
  • Resetting single skill points or all skill points of one skill (In the Shop, subcategory Gem.png Luxury)
    • Vial of Oblivion, 3 Gem.png, Allows you to forget the skills you've trained so hard [Removes 1SP from the chosen skill]. Can be bought by sending the command /buy_pl1
    • Bottle of Oblivion, 30 Gem.png, Allows you to forget the skills you've trained so hard [Removes all the SP from the chosen skill; BUG: You can't use BoO if skill has level above 16]. Can be bought by sending the command /buy_pl3
  • Changing the players castle ( In the tavern choose Spy.png Talk with Stranger. Buy a passport for enemy castles. The passport prices depend on the castle's ranking and change every week according to the current ranking)
  • Increasing the number of slots in a master's shop (the more slots are bought, the higher the cost for the next slot. See Master Shop#Managing the Shop for price list)