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The Halloween Event 2018 is an event that started with the October 14th game update. During the event, it is possible to find different types of items in quests when equipped with a Evil Spirits Totem. There are a total of eight item in the two categories jewelry and gems. The jewelry items are: Orb, Amulett, Ring and Necklace; the gem items are Void Emerald, Mystery Obsidian, Timeless Jade and Shadow Bloodstone. A player can always have only one event item (either jewelry or gem) at a time in inventory and combine it with another players item of the other category by sending him a /hw_code. Combining jewelry and gems gives the jewelry holder a reward while the gem holder gets nothing.

Finding Items

To find items a player has to equip a Evil Spirits Totem. All items can be found during different times at quests. Forest, Swamp and Valley all have the chance to drop the items as follows:

Time of Day Jewelry Gem
Times-morning.png Morning Ring Timeless Jade
Times-day.png Day Necklace Shadow Bloodstone
Times-evening.png Evening Amulet Void Emerald
Times-night.png Night Orb Mystery Obsidian

Combining Items

In general, items are combined by giving the /use code of the jewelry to the gem holder who has to forward it to the ChatWarsBot. The /use code of the jewelry does not get invalid but the gem holder has to be out of quest to combine the items with sending the code. Each jewelry item has three different properties:

  1. Place of origin
  2. Adjective as attribute
  3. Type of jewelry item

An example would be Rauor Spectral Ring. The reward the jewelry holder gets from combining the items depends on the number of those properties that are fulfilled by the gem holder. The place of origin can be assigned to a specific Castle, the adjective can be assigned to a specific class and the type of the jewelry item can be assigned to a type of gem.

Assignments of the properties

Place of origin

The place of origin of the jewelry can be one of the following: Gronn, Gulr, Rauor, Svatr, Blar, Hvitr, Kveld. Those seven words are assigned as match to the different castles:

Place Assigned castle match
Gronn Moon.png Moonlight Castle
Gulr Shark.png Sharkteeth Castle
Rauor Wolf.png Wolfpack Castle
Svatr Deer.png Deerhorn Castle
Blar Eagle.png Highnest Castle
Hivtr Dragon.png Dragonscale Castle
Kveld Potato.png Potato Castle


The second word in the item name of a jewelry item is one of the following six adjectives: Spectral, Cursed, Devil, Demonic, Infernal, Toxic. Each of those adjectives is assigned to one of the classes that exist in the game:

Adjective Assigned class match
Spectral Attack.png Knight
Cursed Defend.png Sentinel
Devil Ranger.png Ranger
Demonic Stock.png Collector
Infernal Workshop.png Blacksmith
Toxic Alchemy.png Alchemist

Type of jewelry

Jewelry item Gem item
Orb Mystery Obsidian
Amulett Void Emerald
Ring Timeless Jade
Necklace Shadow Bloodstone

The example above, the Rauor Spectral Ring would be assigned as perfect 3/3 match to a Wolfpack Knight's Timeless Jade gem. The finder of the Rauor Spectral Ring would have to find a Wolfpack Knight that found a Timeless Jade, and the knight has to send the /use message of the Ring to the bot.


As explained above, there are in total three categories that can be matched when combining items. The reward of the jewelry holder depends on the number of categories matched, it does not matter which of those match, only the number of matches is relevant.

Number of matches Reward for Jewelry holder Reward for Gem holder
0 matches Powder nothing
1 match 1 Pumpkin nothing
2 matches 3 Pumpkin nothing
3 matches Ancient Box or Ancient Chest nothing